Briarcliff Resident’s BBQ Sauce Wins International Crown

Briarcliff resident Michael Vincent and his partner David Mundis had been trying to create the perfect BBQ sauce since their college days at Colgate. In 2014, they entered their ThunderSnout Classic Red BBQ sauce in the prestigious Memphis in May International Festival. The sauce took 1st Place in the vinegar-based category. They’ve since expanded their product line and ThunderSnout Gold was named fifth-best mustard sauce at the Kansas City Royal Sauce Competition – out of 400 competitors. 

ThunderSnout is now available locally at DeCicco & Sons markets and Campbell Meats in Dobbs Ferry. You can also order on the ThunderSnout website

Here’s a ThunderSnout recipe you can try for your next summer BBQ.  

ThunderSnout Ribs (serves 4) 

1. Take rack of baby back pork ribs and flip bone side up.Score lengthwise across rack. Use a paper towel to peel membrane off ribs.
2. Take a sip of a beer
3. Liberally slather meat side of ribs with ThunderSnout Classic BBQ sauce
4. Put ribs on grill @ 225 degrees for one hour
5. Flip ribs meat side up and slather with more Snout
6. Keep on for one more hour
7. Put ribs on 2 sheets of heavy-duty foil and pour 2 oz. of apple juice & slather with Snout one more time. Seal ribs in foil so that moisture does not escape
8. Put foiled ribs back on grill @ 225 for 1 hour 45 minutes more and drink more beer
9. Remove ribs from grill and glaze rack with honey. Put back on grill for 15 minutes
10. Remove ribs, slice, eat, drink, and be merry! 

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  1. Thank you Alain for publishing our recipe! As an update… ThunderSnout is now available at Janniello’s Specialty Market in Briarcliff and the following DeCicco & Son’s locations: (Armonk, Harrison, Millwood and Somers–Brewster by next week). We are no longer carried by Campbell Meats.

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