BMS Engineering Club Takes 1st and 2nd Place at Rube Goldberg Machine Contest 

The first place BMS Rube Goldberg team, The Rowdy Crew: Toby Young, Gautam Gupta, Sebastian Uszynski, and Colin Zhao.

The Briarcliff Middle School Engineering Club again participated in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest held at White Plains High School on March 31. The contest enables students of all ages to compete through the machines they have imagined, designed and created in a fun and competitive forum. It encourages teamwork and out-of-the-box problem solving, in a fresh learning environment and level playing field. 

BMS students fared extremely well. This year’s task was to put money in a piggy bank.  As Rube Goldberg’s machines were whimsical as well as complicated, each team’s machine needed a theme.  Briarcliff had two teams of 7th grade boys, many of whom competed last year, and one team of 6th & 7th grade girls.  The Briarcliff teams came in first and second place.   

In first place was The Rowdy Crew with Toby Young, Gautam Gupta, Sebastian Uszynski, and Colin Zhao. Second place went to The Getaway with Ben Unger, Connor Bohan, Harrison Winger, Rehan Karnani, and Patrick Shine.  

The Woody Whizzes with Rhea Karnani, Lily Shafiroff, Sabrina Venezia, Riya Raina, Hudson Saunders, Saanjh Patel, and Lauren Park, did not place – but did a great job!  

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