5 Things to Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

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After the cremation of your loved one, you need to decide what to do with their ashes. This is a difficult decision for many, as there are various unique ways to celebrate the life and memory of the deceased. Here are some special ways that you can pay tribute to someone after they have passed.

Memorial Jewelry

Using ashes to make custom jewelry is an excellent way of feeling close to someone you have lost. There are many options available for this, and you can decide on almost any style. So, whether you would prefer a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet, the options are there.

The process requires a minimal amount of ashes, so this is an excellent option if you have a larger family who would all like a keepsake to remember their loved one.

A Tattoo to Remember

Another way that many people find solace is to get a tattoo with ink that contains some of their ashes. Getting a tattoo to commemorate the passing of a loved one is nothing new, but it is now increasingly common for tattoo studios to mix some ashes into the ink itself and add some more creativity with the latest Tattoo Fonts.

For many people, the idea of permanently carrying a loved one with you is comforting. It provides a constant reminder of the person they have lost.

Display Them in an Urn

This is a relatively traditional way of keeping a memento of someone special, but there is a degree of beauty in the simplicity. Keeping ashes in a remembrance urn and displaying this in your home is a great choice.

You can purchase urns in various styles from the funeral director that you choose to handle the ceremony. Doing so helps some people to feel like they are still close to the deceased and provides comfort at a difficult time. You can learn more about cremation urns and other keepsakes from places like baldwincremation.com. Establishments like Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society can bring you and your loved ones a certain level of peace, during what is ultimately a sad time in your life.

Use them to Make Artwork

This is an excellent way to display someone’s ashes in your home stylishly. Whether you are an artist yourself and wish to incorporate the ashes into a painting or you choose to commission a piece using them, you can pay tribute to their memory in a beautiful way.

Some companies can use the ashes to make glass sculptures which you can keep in your home. You can even engrave these with a meaningful quote, poem, or their name if you wish. With the help of Chorley Direct Cremations, you can now have a budget-friendly end of life plan that is respectful.

Compress them into a Vinyl

Incorporating ashes into a custom-made record is a touching way to pay tribute to someone. This is becoming increasingly common and can allow someone’s memory to live on in music. If your loved one was a big music fan, this is an excellent option, as you can use the ashes to make a bespoke version of their favorite album.

And Many More

Ultimately, there are various things that you can do with ashes to create a personalized and memorable tribute for your loved one. Whether you decide to incorporate the remains into a keepsake or scatter them in your yard and use flat grave markers, there is an option to suit anyone’s desires.

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