~ Letters to the Editor ~ Planned New Bridge & Quay Condominiums

Hon. Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, New York 12224

Dear Gov. Cuomo,

A  January 2012 letter from the Director of the Tappan Zee Hudson River Project, stated that minimization of impacts on public and private properties was one of the main goals of the planned new bridge. Quay Condominium home-owners are already poorer because of major decreases in their real estate values here in this heavily affected area. We are looking to our State government for appropriate private property compensation.

We seek a resolution for the heavy loss of our private property home value triggered by the bridge building plans and prospect.  We are asking your office for help in working out a fair compensation plan for financial losses which we have not caused.

Our residence at 279-H South Broadway is one of the closest of our 89 units to the targeted project area. It is immediately adjacent to both the planned replacement span and building areas. This proposed 5-year construction project is expected to bring substantial increases in noise, dirt and Rodent Infestation Control, which threaten major collateral damage throughout the Quay.

This letter is to petition for an independent review of the troublesome pre-building conditions. Many residents here are senior citizens and expected deterioration of air quality here, if ignored, could produce serious illness.  It is important that owners in the Quay have access to your office regarding mitigation of health, welfare and safety threats stemming from the planned bridge development process.

My wife and I, have been residents of the Quay since 1994. We hope that you will affirm and support this urgent request for mitigation and protection of property rights.

We have presented the above information on March 1st at the Westchester conference in Tarrytown regarding the Tappan Zee Hudson River Development.

Hoping to hear from your office on this matter.

Respectfully yours,
Dr. Sherwood Chorost


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