Letter to the Editor: In Support of Levenberg for Assembly

Editor, River Journal On-Line:

As a resident of the 95th Assembly District, I believe the decision about who should represent the 95th Assembly District should be made by the voters of the 95th Assembly District. The new, redistricted version of the district runs from Ossining through Peekskill and Cortlandt into a slice of Putnam County.

Phone calls and mail from groups and individuals outside of this district, trying to influence who should represent us in Albany, are unhelpful, especially those with a negative message. The voters of the district deserve a campaign with a respectful tone, and that is most likely achieved by a locally led examination of the candidates and their positions.

The candidate for State Assembly I support is Dana Levenberg. She’s served the public in the Town of Ossining on School Board and as a Trustee. She is currently Town Supervisor and a leader in numerous regional organizations addressing critical issues like climate change and refugee resettlement. She worked eight years as chief of staff in Assemblywoman Sandy Galef’s office before seeking elected office in her own rite.

Dana Levenberg is an able a municipal manager who knows the territory, locally and in Albany. I also believe her sense of public service is based on the goodwill and respect so sorely needed for productive discourse around public policy.

Rob Abbot


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