Letter to the Editor: Warren Smith Seeks Cortlandt Supervisor’s Seat

Warren A. Smith

After careful consideration, with the support of my family and with the encouragement from a broad coalition of local citizens, I have decided to offer my name for election to Supervisor of the Town of Cortlandt. I am seeking both the Republican and Conservative lines on the Nov. 7, 2023 ballot.

For many years our town Supervisors and Board Members have governed based on a single political philosophy and point of view. Town residents are telling me that they would like to get some fresh thinking and a diverse philosophy on our town board. As Supervisor I feel that I can lead our Town with a vision that ignores party politics and offers a new inclusive, common-sense approach to solving the many problems that Cortlandt faces today and will face in the future.

I plan on spending the next 8+ months meeting with local groups to hear the concerns and ideas of the people of Cortlandt. Before November 7, I will release a comprehensive platform that will outline my vision for voters to consider. My platform will be focused on four key priorities …

  • Improving Public Safety
  • Effective and Transparent Local Government
  • Promote Wise Economic Development
  • Create opportunities for greater public participation and engagement

Cortlandt is at a critical juncture. Our Town faces issues that require creative solutions which can only come from diverse ideas and critical thinking. I believe the new and unique vision and dedication I would bring to the office meet the moment.

Warren A. Smith



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