In Favor of Prop 1 on Nov. 8 Ballot: Clean Water Act

Unsplash photo by Jana Sabeth

To the Editor,

When you go to the polls to vote this fall, please remember to turn your ballot over and vote YES for Proposition 1, the $4.2 billion New York Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Bond Act.

Proceeds from this bond issue will offer every community in New York State the opportunity to:

  • Mitigate climate change through the purchase of electric school buses, creation of green buildings, addressing air and water pollution, especially in disadvantaged communities, etc.
  • Reduce flooding risks through property buyouts, shoreline protection, waterfront revitalization, etc.
  • Provide open space and land conservation through land acquisition, farmland protection, expansion of fish hatcheries, etc.
  • Improve water quality through municipal water infrastructure improvements, upgrading storm water systems, etc.

Fully 35-40% of the funds will be devoted to the disadvantaged communitiesin the past, and the projects financed by the bonds are projected to create more than 84,000 good paying green jobs. And the financing of the bonds will result in no noticeable increase in your state taxes.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone in New York.

So Flip-Your-Ballot and vote YES for Proposition 1. We’ll all be better off for that.

Joel E. Gingold

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