A Walk-through The New Tarrytown Recreation Center

On Tuesday, March 8, River Journal walked through the new Recreation and Fitness Center, however we were enjoined from photographing the interior even though construction looked complete with painted walls, padded floors in the fitness center and wall-length mirrors in the exercise rooms.

The newly constructed building will be unlike anything Tarrytown has ever experienced, with large, open and beautifully lit exercise rooms, spacious offices for recreational staff, conference rooms along with changing rooms with showers and hundreds of lockers for pool users. On the southern side of the building, outdoor pool construction is underway and it will be a marvel of construction to meet the projected May opening date.

This facility presents many operational questions with its projected opening a few short months away. We (RJ) asked Village Administrator Michael Blau (MB) for clarification and answers.

RJ: What is the total cost of the building and the two pools?

MB: $3M.

RJ: Is National Resources (owners of Hudson Harbor) paying for all of the construction?

MB: Yes.

RJ: What is the agreement with the Salus Group for overseeing the Fitness Center?

MB: There is no agreement with Salus Group.  The Village issued a Request for Proposals for the operation of the Fitness Center and Exercise Room.  Salus Group was one of three proposers.  The Board authorized me to negotiate an agreement with Salus Group for the operation.  There is no agreement at the present time.

RJ: Who is paying them and for what specific services, and who will pay for the fitness equipment?

MB: Whomever is contracted with to operate the facility, the intention is that the fees associated with membership and extra services that a member may wish to purchase, such as Personal Training, will cover the cost of the services.  The Village will not be paying for the service.  The fitness equipment purchase is the responsibility of National Resources.

RJ: What will membership to the Fitness Center cost (if anything) and who will be allowed to use it?

MB: TBD [To Be Determined].

The beginning of a new outdoor pool, slated to open late MayRJ: The Village Board has hired Ileana Gonzalez as the Pool Director. What is her salary and what are her responsibilities? Also, what are her credentials or background for this position?

MB: $25.00/hour.  She is responsible for the management of the overall pool operation, including the hiring and management of staff.  She will work with the Recreation Supervisor on special events.

RJ: Does the Village intend on having both the kiddie pool and the adult pools open by late May?

MB: That is our intent.

RJ: What will be the costs to residents to swim in the pool and will non-residents be permitted?

MB: TBD [To Be Determined].  As of now, the thought is that the pool will only be open to residents.

RJ: What will be the name of this new Center?

MB: There is no name for the Center as of now.

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