Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Honors Frank Drahos

On May 5, 2009, Frank Drahos celebrated 50 years of service at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. From horse-drawn wagons to the advent of modern cemetery equipment, Frank has helped families in need for over half a century.

images"Frank exemplifies a level of commitment and work ethic rarely found today. It is because of the hard work of Frank, his father, and grandfather before him, that the natural beauty of our cemetery remains intact," said cemetery President David Logan.

Frank Drahos remembers a different time at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. "I remember watching my Dad drill rock by hand. One person would hold the bit, while the other hammered down. It was grueling work. We had to do everything by hand. Back then there were two horses for plowing. We used push lawn mowers. We had over 25 crew members. I’m the only one left out of the whole gang."

Frank recalls many interesting times at the cemetery. "I remember a story my Dad told me. One time, there was a pie truck that turned over in front of the cemetery gate. Pies of all kinds were strewn across the road. My Dad and his friend Gus gathered up some of the pies and fed them to the horses. They learned the hard way that horses should not be eating pie!"

Frank continues to serve the cemetery just as his family has done for three generations!

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