Getting it Right the Second Time

Greg Lobato, a Sleepy Hollow Police Officer

The newly elected Board of Trustees, along with the re-elected Mayor of Sleepy Hollow, righted what many considered an earlier wrong and hired Greg Lobato and several other new police officers. The contentious issue surrounding Lobato played a major part in the Democratic Party’s thumping defeat at the polls in March.

On June 9, 2015, Resolution#06/76/2015 was passed during the Sleepy Hollow Village Board of Trustees Meeting:

Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Sleepy Hollow Appointing Police Officers

WHEREAS, the Sleepy Hollow Police Department is presently hiring three Uncertified
Police Officers as previously budgeted for; and

WHEREAS, maintaining an adequate staffing level is essential to the efficient operation
of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department; and
WHEREAS, the Police Department has canvassed the candidates list for the position of
police officer; and

WHEREAS, Gregory T. Lobato of Sleepy Hollow placed first, Angela C. Martello of
Sleepy Hollow placed second and Reamon W. McGuire of Sleepy Hollow placed third, on
the current Local Civil Service Eligible List #69-589; and
WHEREAS, Gregory T. Lobato, Angela C. Martello and Reamon W. McGuire have
expressed an interest in becoming members of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department;

WHEREAS, the Police Department has conducted extensive background investigations
on these candidates and the Chief of Police recommends all three individuals, for
appointment to the Police Department; and


WHEREAS, the Mayor, Trustees and Village Administrator whom participated in the
interviewing of these individuals, have endorsed the recommendation of the Chief of

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of the Village of
Sleepy Hollow hereby makes the following appointments to the Sleepy Hollow Police
Department:  Gregory T. Lobato, Angela C. Martello, Reamon W. McGuire at the annual
starting salary of Uncertified Police Officer of $45,930.00;

NOW BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED said appointment is effective July 1st, 2015 and
contingent upon their satisfactory completion of any and all remaining pre-employment
screening tests and/or agility tests and subject to the Westchester County Civil Service
Rules and a probationary period of between twelve (12) to seventy eight (78) weeks.

Move:  Trustee Rosenbloom        Second: Trustee Scaglione    Vote:5-0-1
Absent:  Trustee Handelman
Abstained:  Deputy Mayor Lobato-Church

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