Extra Extra… Forty-One Pages of Sleepy Hollow’s Lighthouse Landing Online

Sleepy Hollow LighthouseIn the preceding Holiday Issue this publication reported on a presentation made by Andy Tung of the firm Divney, Tung, Schwalbe to the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees in late November 2010. That presentation dealt with the proposed General Motors “Lighthouse Landing” development.

Approximately one week after the story landed in everyone’s household and business within our three waterfront communities, the Village released an “Environmental Assessment Narrative.” In a cover letter to the Village Board Andy Tung on behalf of General Motors LLC stated that the [forty-one page] narrative was being provided to the Village “in support of the Applicant’s [GM’s] request for action on its application for Concept Plan Approval and a Special Permit for the Project.”

In keeping with Mayor Ken Wray’s and Trustee David Schroedel’s use of the Internet to disperse information to select friends and neighbors, this publication expanded upon that practice and included our entire readership. {modal url=/images/stories/LighthouseLanding012011.pdf|width=800|height=800}We invite everyone to view the document here. {/modal}  Lighthouse Landing has now become a black-and- white issue as the print on the pages will attest to.

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