Allison Fine Announces Candidacy for Congress in NY-17 District

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Allison Fine, the immediate past national board chair for NARAL Pro-Choice America, founder of the Network of Elected Women, and a leader in the use of technology for social impact, announced her candidacy for Congress in NY-17 in the race to replace retiring Rep. Nita Lowey. Fine, a native of Sleepy Hollow, where she lives with her husband and three sons, resigned this past week as NARAL’s national board chair in order to run for the seat.

In addition to being a nationally recognized leader in women’s rights advocacy, Fine is an accomplished author on the use of digital technology for social good and has helped numerous non-profit organizations modernize their approach to social and civic online activism.

“I want to lead us into the next chapter for our country; one that is prosperous and fair. Our democracy and economy need fixing. We need to create something new and better. The work of rebuilding our country begins right here at home. And this is my home. I know the issues people in our community face because I face them too. My husband and I pay for our own insurance and have no pensions. We work to put our kids through college, take care of our aging parents, and pay our taxes and bills. This is what keeps me up at night—and I know I’m not alone,” said Allison Fine.

An unapologetic women’s rights advocate, Allison vows to fight attempts to rollback Roe v. Wade by enacting a federal statute guaranteeing the right to an abortion. She will also strongly advocate for a massive expansion of funding for and access to reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion services. She also supports a public option health plan to ensure that every American has access to quality and affordable health care, especially for those who can’t afford to obtain private insurance or whose employers don’t provide it. With climate change the greatest threat facing humanity, Allison will push for needed investments in green energy to address the crisis and use her tech industry experience to address reforms needed as America transitions to the gig economy and to protect children from online predators.

“I want to build on the trailblazing legacy of Nita Lowey while taking on the crucial issues facing the 17thDistrict and our country.  Every century, Americans remake our democracy. This is that time again. It’s time for new voices, especially in Congress where women are greatly underrepresented,” said Allison.

Allison has a diverse and progressive background both nationally and in her home community. She started the Innovation Network to improve the work of grassroots organizations in areas such as homelessness, women’s health, immigration, legal aid and environmental advocacy. She is a founding board member of Civic Hall, a pre-eminent organization using technology for social good and has keynoted conferences around the world on the issue. And as a strong supporter of Israel, she is a past president of Temple Beth Abraham, a former faculty member of the Union of Reform Judaism, a member of the Westchester Women’s Agenda, and a member of the UJA Federation Westchester Advisory Council.

Allison’s decision to enter the race has already garnered early endorsements from women, tech and community leaders.

“This country needs progressive Democrats to help steer Congress in a new direction that lifts up our most needy and communities of color, protects women’s reproductive rights, and fights for workers in the new gig economy. That’s why I’m backing Allison Fine for Congress. Allison is a strong female voice who would bring needed generational change to Washington. She is a former chair of the NARAL board, has literally written the book on online activism, and has assisted non-profit groups in using technology to better help their communities. She is someone who supports higher worker wages, a public health care option, and investment in Green Energy. It’s for all those reasons and more that Allison is the perfect choice to carry on the progressive legacy of Nita Lowey,” said Cheryl Contee, Chair of Netroots Nation.

“As the former Manhattan Borough President, I know the importance of elevating progressive women’s voices and protecting our most vulnerable community members. Allison Fine epitomizes the fighting spirit of strong women leaders who will shake up and take action in Washington. That’s why I’m proud to endorse her for Congress. As chair of the national NARAL board and founder of the Network of Elected Women, Allison has been a stalwart fighter for women. She will build brilliantly on Nita Lowey’s legacy, going to Congress to really make a difference,” said Ruth Messinger, the first woman Democratic Nominee for Mayor in NYC.

“At this critical moment in history, we need leaders who know how to harness technology to improve our lives and make our democracy stronger. No one understands this better than Allison Fine who not only helped pioneer the use of digital technology for social good but has taught and inspired thousands of others to do the same. Whether through the books she’s written, the years she has spent working with nonprofit organizations, or the countless hours mentoring and teaching social and civic entrepreneurs, Allison has directly and indirectly impacted thousands of people and organizations. As a member of Congress Allison can continue this work not only on behalf of her constituents but also on behalf of our country and will fight to ensure that the future does not fall victim to the past,” said Andrew Rasiej, Chairman NY Tech Alliance.

”As a rabbi I get to see first-hand how people handle difficult problems, and there is no one I have more faith in than Allison Fine to help solve the issues facing our nation.  She has a strong moral compass and remains true to her values.  Allison is a past-president of Temple Beth Abraham and a dear friend to the Jewish community in this district.  At a time when acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise, we need people in Congress like Allison who will speak out forcefully against it and, even more importantly, will take action.  Allison stands up for the Jewish community while bringing people of all faiths together for a common cause.  She’s exactly the kind of person who can continue the leadership of Nita Lowey as a staunch ally of Israel and the Jewish community here, by fighting for us in Washington at a time when the stakes have never been higher,” said Rabbi David Holtz of the Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown, New York.


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