Road to College: Learning to Make the Most of Summer

With summer upon us, parents and students should take time to assess their approach to new learning challenges, including the sudden shift to online learning and the cancellation or modification of standardized tests.   The best way for students to remain on track for the upcoming school year is by […] Read more »

Road to College: Emerging Issues in Education & How Your Student Can Adapt

One year since starting this column, we find ourselves facing much different circumstances. The road to college remains an ever-changing journey, but much remains constant at the core. In maintaining […] Read more »

Getting Schooled During the Crisis

As we navigate this unprecedented time, it can be difficult to know how to proceed with the college process. This is a critical time for students of all grade levels, […] Read more »

Prepare for Online Learning During the Coronavirus Outbreak: Three Tips to Navigate

As schools and universities, along with places of work, close for short or longer term durations, online communication and learning is going to be a critical tool. Whether using Zoom™, […] Read more »

The Road to College: College Application Decisions & Course Selection

As we enter March, there are many things to consider as we continue down the road to college. While the end of that road may finally be in sight for […] Read more »

Road to College: Guide to 2020 

On the road to college, we use milestones to determine what we have accomplished, and what is to come. As we round the new year into February, parents and students […] Read more »

Road to College: Holiday Edition 

On the Road to College, we must occasionally take stock of what we have, appreciate who we are with, and look back with pride on what we have accomplished as […] Read more »

The Road to College – Application Deadline Tips for Success 

On the Road to College, one significant waypoint is the college application deadline, or should I say, the many deadlines. Students now must contend with 6 different deadlines: Early Action, Restrictive Early […] Read more »

Road to College: Back-to-School Toolkit 

On the Road to College, we have opportunities to start the year anew. January 1st is always a good feeling as adults, as we look forward to a new year […] Read more »

Road to College: The Summer

  On the Road to College, summer is a welcome reprieve from the school year. A time to reflect, relax, and recharge. Summer is a time for family and vacation, […] Read more »