Robert F. Weinberg, co-founder of Robert Martin Co., Dies at 90 

As co-founder of the Robert Martin Company, Weinberg was a real estate development pioneer who transformed Westchester County over the past 60 years   Robert F. Weinberg, a visionary commercial and residential developer... Read more »

Briarcliff Sets Moratorium on B-Zone Development 

The question of how the Village of Briarcliff Manor will proceed with the development of its vacant business zone (B Zone) properties for now depends on the outcome of a 12-month ban... Read more »

Around the House:  Pile on the Prints! 

If you were to casually observe my daily fashion choices, you would believe me to be a lover of neutrals, a hater of patterns. My wardrobe consists of navy blue and gray... Read more »

Golf Course Property Tax Bill Is Not Likely to Pass

Legislation meant to allow higher tax rates on New York golf courses looks as though it will come up short this year. Still, the lawmakers behind it vow to try again with a... Read more »

River Towns Real Estate – Strange Visitors

After a few issues about the business of real estate, we’ve decided to present real stories from the world of buying and selling homes from homeowners, realtors and clients. Each column will feature stories from the participants themselves.  Realtors... Read more »

Free Seminar for First-Time Homebuyers Set for June 18

In an effort to help first-timers navigate the home ownership process from consideration to contract, Tompkins Mahopac Bank (TMB) has teamed up with Hudson River Housing, Inc. to host a First-time Home... Read more »

Real Estate Q&A – Mortgage Broker Advice for New Home Buyers 

When I meet a new home buyer client, the first thing I ask is “are you pre-approved for a mortgage?”  If not, I tell them to get their pre-approval right away. You need to know what you... Read more »

Nelson Byrd Woltz to Design Edge-on-Hudson Waterfront Park and Paths

SunCal and Diversified Realty Advisors, the developers of Edge-on-Hudson, have engaged Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects (NBW), one of the nation’s premier landscape architecture firms, to work on the project. NBW will... Read more »

To Zillow or Not to Zillow – The Benefits of Local Knowledge

  If you’re in sales, you’ll understand that, like most sales people, our leads are our lifeblood. It takes years to build up a real estate business and continue to grow it. Now imagine if a company posted your leads to a website and then offered to sell them back... Read more »

Buying, Selling and Choosing – The Right Agent

If you’re serious about buying or selling a home, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the role different types of agents play to help you navigate the process.  Depending on... Read more »