The Gift of Companionship, service dogs

The Gift of Companionship

As we continue through the holiday season, one that is supposed to be for giving and being thankful for what we have, we should not forget our four-legged friends.  More and more... Read more »
Reaching out during the Holidays

Reaching Out During This Holiday Season… and Beyond

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, when many of us lost power and were inconvenienced, scared, or hurt, it’s important to find ways to help others, as this can often be empowering. ... Read more »
bad broadcasting

Bad Broadcast Behavior

Andy Warhol predicted that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.  Judging by the circus side show that is now media, I’d say he was onto something.  Television stations... Read more »
Is it the Only Alternative?

Is it the Only Alternative?

Living in the river towns we are affected more often than most with suicidal people threatening to or actually jumping off the Tappan Zee, a popular bridge for jumpers because it is... Read more »

Affordable Care Act (ACA) A Supreme Decision…Perhaps

A lot of press has been given to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA); understandably so—this is big news.  Unfortunately, as with so much in the media today,... Read more »
indulgent parents

Indulgent Parenting

Dara-Lynn Weiss, Amy Chua, Pamela Druckerman.  Not household names, but their beliefs about parenting are getting a lot of attention.  Amy Chua is the author of The Battle Hymn of the Tiger... Read more »

“A” for Anxiety

So, midterms are over, now it’s on to PSATs, SATs, ACTs, and in June, Regents and Final Exams.  Working with so many adolescents in my practice, I sometimes feel like all I... Read more »

Is There a Doctor in The House?

This is the last in my “soapbox series” about the state of healthcare in this country. You may have read the last two articles and thought, “I am only one person; what... Read more »

“So, I’m not a doctor, why should I care?”

Doctors are not going to be homeless and begging in the streets.  This is not an article to suggest that you should set up some fund for starving healthcare professionals.  But due... Read more »

An Rx for Healthcare

This article is the first in a series of three regarding the healthcare system in our country, what might be called “An Rx for guaranteeing good healthcare.”  I was inspired to write... Read more »