Quad Village Physical Therapy

Passion, Experience, Expertise…All at Quad Village Physical Therapy

That’s what patients will benefit from at Quad Village Physical Therapy. Read more »


I love irony.  As I sit down to write this, A Time Magazine cover story is giving the message to stop overparenting.  HA! Read more »
Laurie Sperandio

FitLaurie, Inc.

She cringes when she gets a call from a potential client whose son is having a Bar Mitzvah in two months (which is wonderful!) but she’s wearing a sleeveless dress and needs... Read more »

In the Spirit of the Season and Beyond

Very seldom do journalists have the privilege or the opportunity to do a follow-up on a story of importance regardless of its national or local scope. Liking the adage “there are exceptions... Read more »

End of Life

This is an invitation to begin a special sort of conversation – with yourself, with those you love and, if help is needed, with a trained professional.  It’s a conversation which many... Read more »

Locally — In Need of a Kidney Transplant

Recently River Journal became aware of the well-known radio broadcaster Warner Rush who lives in Scarborough. Rush, now 73 years old, had received a kidney transplant from his sister eight years ago... Read more »

Healthy Eating for the Holidays, Substitutes for Healthy Recipes

Holiday seasons are especially cruel on our diets. Even if we are mindful with eating healthy foods at home, the ingredients used in parties are a different thing; loaded with butter, cream,... Read more »

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly or Bipolar

"Funny," you say to yourself, what’s that burning smell coming out of my 15-year old son’s room? Meanwhile, your husband is ruminating about credit card debt as he complains to you about... Read more »

Fab 4 Fat Burners

Check out these Fab 4 Fat Burning exercises. Burpees Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you (See Figure 1) Kick your feet back while simultaneously... Read more »


Have you ever had that moment of panic, with sweaty palms and your heart thumping wildly in your chest, knowing you’re the next one to speak? It could be a presentation in... Read more »