Road Collisions: How to Avoid Danger and Stay Safe After They Happen


After a road collision, there are certain steps you should take to avoid danger and stay safe. These steps should be taken to follow the law, as well as getting the insurance claim started.

The following steps in this article will be guiding you through clever decisions to make to avoid danger and stay safe after a road collision, even if you are at fault or not.

  1. Be Sure You Are Not At Fault By Following Traffic Rules

As most collisions are usually between normal passenger cars, what if you were involved in a road collision with a truck? Commercial trucks are a big deal in the economy, so they are spotted on roadways frequently. As a result, there are specific guidelines that one should follow to avoid accidents. For instance, research shows that trucking accidents in Nevada have increased, with about 284 accidents recorded in the past year. This could be avoided if people followed the national & local trucking laws in Nevada that all road users are bound to while driving. So, if you collided with a commercial truck, and luckily you are still alive, specific questions will be asked by the investigating police, including if you followed trucking laws.

While car collisions may have tragic results, colliding with trailers is far more fatal than normal passenger car collisions. Following trucking rules, including staying out of the truck’s blind spot, leaving enough space between your vehicle and the truck, switching lanes cautiously. It also includes avoiding merging when there’s a truck present, and driving cautiously in poor weather conditions can reduce the risk of a road collision in the first place.

  1. Remain Calm

After a road collision, a driver may be left in shock, anger, or guilt, which are all normal. But don’t let these feelings take the best of you, take some deep breaths to calm your nerves. The calmer you are, the more you will be capable of handling the whole situation. After that, it’s time to analyze the collision and determine if it was a fatal one or not.

  1. Check If Anyone Was Injured

Check up on everyone involved in the collision to know if anyone is injured, and you should also check yourself for any injuries. While checking your body for injuries, you should look deeper and be cautious because not all injuries are visible. If you or any involved passenger isn’t feeling okay, for instance, feeling unusual or dizzy, seek immediate help by calling in an ambulance. If you have been injured in a car accident, you’ve most likely experienced some significant out-of-pocket expenses from medical bills as well as lost wages so it is important to understand how the injury settlement process works.

  1. Report The Collision To The Police

If you checked for injuries, and you discovered that there was none, now it’s time to call in the police. A police report may be required before an insurance claim is filed with your insurance company, even if it’s about the damaged vehicle. The involved vehicles should remain at the spot unless they are interfering with the smooth flow of traffic.

  1. Make A Clear Statement

At the arrival of the police, be sure you clearly explain how the collision happened. Do not guess, make assumptions, or lie about facts. If the police ask you if you are injured, and you are not sure if you are, say you are not sure, instead of saying no. In most cases, pain from collisions escalates after some hours. You should also be certain that the provided information from the other involved party is authentic.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

After a road collision, you should reach out to your insurance company immediately. Most insurance policies require instant reports and maximum cooperation. You should find out if the medical benefit is included in your coverage. Connecticut is a modified comparative fault state which means you can recover money based on your degree of fault.

Medpay is basically for collision-related medical bills, and as soon as it’s completely used, private health insurance becomes part of your responsibility. Med Pay covers all the passengers of the involved vehicle. Also, your insurance charges shouldn’t increase due to filing claims for med pay coverage.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

In most cases, injuries from collisions are not discovered immediately, as most people report casualties after a day or two. If you are not sure if you are injured or not, kindly seek medical attention immediately at a hospital, or consult a physician. Even from minor impact injuries, you may sustain a critical condition to your spinal cord. After the collision, if you lost consciousness for a while, you might have suffered a concussion, and could lead to changes in behavior if untreated.

  1. Reach Out To An Attorney

Consulting commercial vehicle wreck attorneys after a collision is a crucial step to take in ensuring your safety. Your attorney can protect your rights and see to critical evidence not being destroyed. In most cases, insurance companies require statements after a collision, and it’s vital to have been legally guided before providing such statements. In case you were involved in a car/truck collision, your car accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer will see you through concerning being fully compensated for the damaged vehicle and getting quality medical attention.

Road collisions can be low-impact ones without fatal casualties, and they can be critical. Whichever road collision you are involved in, whether car to car collision or car to truck collision, be sure you seek medical attention immediately. Seeking immediate medical attention is necessary to avoid danger and stay safe after a road collision. Concerning your rights, Car Accident Lawyers Brisbane are there to see you through and crosscheck if you are eligible for a claim.

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  1. Several neck and back injuries can result from truck accidents. A typical example is whiplash, which is from forceful, rapid movement of the head. This movement usually causes pain in the neck and shoulders, and in some cases, can even affect the spine.

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