Rebranding Effort Simplifies Tompkins Mahopac Bank Name to “Tompkins”

Gerald J. Klein, Jr.

Tompkins Financial Corporation has announced plans for a rebranding effort which will better align its four banks in New York and Pennsylvania under the Tompkins corporate umbrella. As a result of the effort, Tompkins Mahopac Bank, headquartered in Brewster, NY, will be known simply as “Tompkins.” The three other affiliated banks – Tompkins Trust Company, headquartered in Ithaca, NY, Tompkins VIST Bank in southeastern PA, and Tompkins Bank of Castile in western New York – will also become Tompkins.

All existing banking products and services will be unchanged and will continue to be offered in all markets under the Tompkins brand. Tompkins Financial’s two other affiliate companies, Tompkins Insurance Agencies and Tompkins Financial Advisors, will keep their respective names and are otherwise unaffected by the change.

Stephen S. Romaine, Tompkins Financial president and CEO, says that over the next year, customers will see signage changes reflecting the new name; however, none of the local leadership is changing, nor is the local Board of Directors.

According to Romaine, “Tompkins’ unique community banking value proposition – which is centered around local decision-making, relationship-based products and services, deep community engagement, and a values-driven, collaborative, empowered culture – will be unaffected by the rebranding and name change.”

The alignment of bank names is made possible by a consolidation of four existing bank charters to one, therefore also reducing duplicate regulatory and legal processes. “It just makes good sense and is well timed,” said Romaine. “Becoming ‘one Tompkins’ in name not only more closely aligns our Tompkins family, but in fact, brings additional advantages which support the company’s ability to maintain its commitment to sustainable excellence.”

“Our long history has proven that the reason people and businesses choose to bank with Tompkins is, very simply, that we are their trusted community partner. We have been serving the Hudson Valley region since 1927 and have been a part of Tompkins Financial for more than 20 years.  This change only enhances our ability to be that valued partner, delivering the high level of experience excellence our customers know and deserve,” said Gerald J. Klein, Jr., Tompkins Mahopac Bank president & CEO.

The changes are expected to take effect later in 2021, subject to regulatory approval. Other than a slight change to the bank’s brand name, the process and resulting single charter are expected to be a seamless and non-impactful transition for customers.

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