Painful Injury Leads to a Healthy Practice

IRON HEALTH ARDSELY BRIARCLIFFWhen Joe Rendina was a senior in high school in Brooklyn, he tore his ACL playing touch football. Surgery to repair the ACL could have ended the story right there. Instead, it was the loving, attentive, and committed care provided by his physical therapist that led Joe to where he is now.  

When I met with my PT, he brought me from being a scared kid who could barely walk to running and playing football again,” said Rendina. I thought to myself, This is pretty amazing that you can guide someone from crutches to back on the field.’ I knew right then that being a physical therapist is what I wanted to do. And to this day, ACL rehab is my passion. 

From that torn ACL, Joe went on to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College and is also a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist. After several years in the field working for others and setting up shop in a local gym, Joe opened his own business in Briarcliff Manor called Iron Health. A loyal and growing customer base soon followed and Joe recently opened his second Iron Health location in Ardsley. 

Our plan is to open up to five locations in Westchester and Rockland Counties, and, eventually, back in Brooklyn,” said Rendina.  

Whats allowed Joe and his team to grow their business so quickly? That same level of care Joe received when he was an injured high schooler. The main difference between Iron Health and clinics that rely solely on volume, is the one-on-one attention we offer. We dont pass people off to a PT aide or an assistant. Its one-on-one with one of our doctors for a full forty minutes. 

But its more than just the attention to their patients thats allowed this Briarcliff business to grow. The other major difference between Iron Health and other PTs, it that we bring recovery modalities to the table,” noted Rendina. We have clients who come in for stretching sessions, compression sleeves, massage therapy, cryotherapy that are more preventative. As monthly members, they come in as needed for body maintenance. 

From student-athletes to weekend-warriors, Iron Health caters to people with one thing in common: They want to stay active and understand that exercise and taking care of their bodies helps lead to a happier, fuller life. 

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