How Drunk Driving Can Change a Person’s Life Forever


Many people still commit the offense of drunk driving, even though it causes serious physical and psychological damage to the driver and passengers. Drunks drive recklessly, break laws, make poor driving decisions, and hurt people or damage property without even realizing it.

So why do people continue to drive drunk? Many people think they are not drunk because they consumed alcohol in moderation, but they are wrong. Some people will be more intoxicated than others due to their genetic makeup or the number of intoxicating substances consumed. There is no set amount of alcohol that a person can drink without being considered drunk or under the influence of alcohol. Below are ways in which drunk driving can transform your life forever.

1. It May Cause Permanent Physical Impairment

Unfortunately, driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to permanent physical damage, not only to you but also to someone else. If you are behind the wheel of a car and get into an accident, you are endangering everyone on the road. Even if you do not experience major injuries, someone else might. A person who has gone through these physical transformations will suffer from additional difficulties in their life after an accident.

Some serious medical problems include organ failure, brain trauma, and blindness.

2. Drunk Driving May Cause Death

Sometimes, a drunk driver may cause death because their decisions are irrational. If a drunk driver causes an accident and someone dies, the drunk driver may serve in prison for causing death by negligence. You will need an experienced dui lawyer to help you investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and build a defense to help you avoid a conviction. In the United States, you can be sentenced to ten years in prison if you are convicted of DUI manslaughter. Several deaths have occurred due to drinking and driving over the past few years.

3. Your Victim Will Sue You for Negligence

In Houston, Texas, if you are convicted of drunk driving, you may have to pay a large court fee. The fines and fees in Houston can vary depending on the severity and circumstances of your offense. It is a guarantee that your victim will hire a  Houston personal injury lawyer to sue you for the damages they incurred. Many avid personal injury lawyers are available at all times to fight for the victims of negligence all over the country. So, you need to pay compensation for the damages you have done to the victim on top of your damages. That is why you should never drink and drive.

4. It May Cause Revocation or Suspension of Your License

The state may suspend your license if you are convicted of drunk driving. The length of the suspension will depend on the severity of your offense. You will receive a permanent license suspension if you have been convicted of DUI more than once. You may need the services of a dui lawyer to help you negotiate your punishment and regain your license. You may also need to complete an alcohol and drug education program and take steps to become a safe driver again. Depending on your state, you can complete these tasks before or after being convicted.


Drunk driving is a serious offense that you should not take lightly. Many consequences can change your life forever if you are convicted of DUI. Given the consequences above, not to mention the potential for future problems due to brain damage, permanent physical impairment, and the other issues associated with drunk driving, it’s clear why people shouldn’t drink and drive.


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