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The best way to achieve Financial goals is to develop a Financial Plan.  Financial planning is more of a tortoise-versus-the-hare approach. You will come out ahead, but unfortunately, it’s not an immediate gratification feeling.

When you think about your future, what do you see?  Maybe an exciting career; perhaps starting your own business; maybe you love to travel. Do you want to get married? If you do get married, do you want to have children and perhaps those children want to have their own kids, making you grandparents.

We all have our own unique hopes and dreams for the future, but no matter what our financial goals are, we must take responsibility for taking the steps necessary to achieve these goals.

Everyone wants a comfortable retirement; how do we achieve that?  Yes, it is through Comprehensive Financial Planning. How many of you currently have a roadmap in place to reach your financial goals?  For those of you who do not have this rudder to steer in place, providing the proper guidance, you are not alone.  Statistics certainly vary for this, but roughly 33% of people have nothing in place. Their number one reason for this is lack of time; that’s the main roadblock.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, people would rather spend their spare time researching what cellphone to buy, spending an endless amount of time on social media, perhaps seeing what’s on TV, etc.

So, my daily goal is to help you identify and start this financial planning process, taking the financial planning path you feel would be most appropriate for you.

What’s involved in creating this financial planning way of life?

There are four considerations, and they are:

1. Knowing what you want today.

2. Picturing where you want to be.

3. Knowing how to most effectively grow your savings.

4. Protecting the savings, and your assets, with the ability to earn an income now and forever.

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