10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes: Celebrity Endorsed

You’ve probably watched some terrific Instagram videos. Do you ever why only a few of them rack up hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of likes?

It’s usually because more people have had an opportunity to see them.

Visibility is often a big problem for content creators, influencers, and businesses trying to build audiences for their Instagram posts. Even if they produce some of the highest-quality, most compelling content on the Gram, that content is likely to languish with very few video views and even fewer IG likes.

Their problems are understandable once you know how the Instagram algorithms allocate exposure for photos and videos. Content posted by the app’s most popular accounts, and posts that have already become popular, are given large audiences. Everyone else is left behind.

There’s not much they can do about it, either, unless they take advantage of the only strategy that can beat the system: buying Instagram likes.

Purchasing likes boosts an IG metric called “engagement rate,” which shows the algorithms that an Instagram post is becoming more popular and deserves a larger audience. That can start a snowball effect; having more viewers leads to more likes, which leads to even more exposure, and so on.

And when the owner of a popular Instagram account buys likes for a video that’s already accumulated lots of them, that can trigger the type of organic growth that puts a post on the Explore page and helps it go viral.

The same approach will work for anyone looking to build Instagram engagement and popularity, as long as the likes they purchase check one important box. They must be real Instagram likes, meaning the interactions all come from real Instagram users with real accounts on the social media platform.

“Real Instagram likes” implies that “fake Instagram likes” exist. They do, and they cause big trouble.

Many scammy websites use bots and fake accounts to create the illusion that a customer’s posts are becoming more popular. The IG algorithms aren’t fooled, though, and they delete those fake likes quickly. Fake engagements don’t contribute to growth, and they can get accounts penalized or banned for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Only a relatively small number of social media marketing services are able to deliver high-quality, real Instagram likes from real people. And only ten of those likes services are worth considering.

Here are the best sites to buy Instagram likes.

The Very Best Choices

1. Twicsy

Any successful company that’s been in business for more than a dozen years must be great at what they do. Twicsy is great at what they do.

This provider has been a top-ranked Instagram provider for so long because their real IG interactions deliver outstanding account growth, and their genuine Insta likes are the perfect example. The exceptional organic growth in engagement and popularity they trigger is stronger than any competitor can provide.

Twicsy offers eight different likes packages starting at 50 and ranging up to 10,000 active likes from real IG users, all with instant delivery and all sold at very affordable prices. You can also upgrade to more powerful premium likes for an extra fee, you’re able to split any package of likes between multiple posts, and you get free video views with every purchase.

The Twicsy customer experience is just as robust. The ordering and checkout process takes less than 60 seconds, with complete protection for all personal and financial information. Multiple payment methods including debit and credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay are available, and an expert customer support team can be reached 24 hours a day.

It’s easy to see why Twicsy remains the favorite provider of Instagram influencers and companies looking to expand their IG presence.

Visit Twicsy now to buy real Instagram likes

2. Buzzoid

Almost as many Instagram power users depend on Buzzoid, though. This service has been delivering high-quality, real IG likes and other interactions for almost as long as Twicsy, and the results they provide come very close to those delivered by our top-ranked option.

The details of Buzzoid’s service are very similar to Twicsy’s as well.

  • Eight packages of 50-10,000 real likes
  • Upgrade to more powerful premium likes available
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Ability to split likes between posts
  • Free video views with all likes packages
  • Streamlined and secure ordering process
  • Anonymous ordering (only your Instagram username is required)
  • 24/7 customer support

Buzzoid also offers an automatic likes service that delivers your choice of 50 to 1,500 engagements as soon as you create a new post, helpful for very active Instagram users.

This provider may “only” be our second recommended choice for real Instagram likes, but it’s number one in the minds of many influencers and businesses.

Visit Buzzoid now to buy real Instagram likes

3. Rushmax and InstaPort (tie)

We were able to choose a winner between Twicsy and Buzzoid, but these two Instagram services are so similar that we’ve decided to declare them tied for third place.

Rushmax and InstaPort each deliver instant likes that show up on your posts almost as soon as you place your order on their secure websites. Both have a large selection of likes packages that are suitable for any size of IG account, sold at prices no higher than those charged by other high-end providers. They each have customer support reps available around the clock.

And the increases in exposure and engagement that clients see from Rushmax and InstaPort likes packages are generally equal, not quite as impressive as the boosts provided by Twicsy and Buzzoid, but not very far behind, either. They’re excellent backup alternatives.

Other Safe Alternatives

These providers don’t measure up to our top choices, but they all supply real Instagram likes and won’t do any damage to your IG account.

●     Like Leap: Quality and service are good, but results were slightly too low to make them a top-four provider.

●     Engage Hub: Everything about this service would argue for a higher ranking, except for their unjustifiably high prices.

●     Boostify: Another good option that would have been one of the best if their delivery speed was up to par.

●     Pulse Pixel: You’ll get real likes for budget prices; just expect lower-level results.

●     InstaMiracle: A very inconsistent service that sometimes delivers great results, but at other times provides almost no growth at all.

●     InstaElevate: A moderate-level service that’s particularly slow to deliver likes.

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

When Instagram was first taking the USA and Europe by storm, it wasn’t particularly difficult to have your videos seen by lots of users.

If you created high-quality, compelling content, it would almost always receive a decent number of likes. If you then optimized your Instagram profile and username to highlight your account’s main topic, that would bring in more likes. Smart use of trending hashtags and promoting your IG videos with your other social media accounts would boost your likes count even more.

Today, however, there are nearly 2.5 billion Instagram users who upload more than 100 million videos and photos every day. That’s an enormous amount of content, which creates enormous competition for visibility on the app. You can no longer build huge audiences for your content just by posting it and waiting for people to find it, or by manually seeking out new viewers.

The system’s algorithms now rigorously control which videos are given widespread exposure on the app. To get your piece of the pie, you either have to have a high number of followers, or posts that are already being seen and liked by lots of real Insta users. Those signs of popularity earn you a larger audience.

That’s the reason to purchase IG likes. When you buy real Instagram likes from a quality service, you’re putting yourself in line to receive the extra exposure you need to pick up substantial numbers of organic likes from a new audience.

You’re doing something else, too. You’re boosting the IG likes count that’s shown to casual surfers — and a high likes count acts as “social proof” that your video is popular and worth watching. That gives you a whole new universe of viewers who can like your post and follow your account.

Who Should Buy Instagram Likes?

Anyone who wants a larger audience for their posts.

  • Influencers (and would-be influencers) regularly purchase IG likes to increase their Instagram engagement rate and reach, and indirectly, their fan bases. As mentioned earlier, some have even found that adding real, high-quality likes can boost their chances of putting videos onto the Explore page or turning them into viral sensations.
  • Content creators don’t all want to become influencers, but most do want a larger audience to see the videos they produce. Buying likes can expose their Instagram pages and posts to a new and different group of appreciative viewers.
  • And businesses often buy likes as an integral part of their Instagram marketing strategy. The likes help them build communities of customers (and potential customers) in their target audience, giving them a receptive audience for brand building and product sales.

Instagram Likes vs. Instagram Views and Followers

Most Instagram services can also deliver views and followers from real Instagram users. That makes many IG users wonder if it makes more sense to buy Instagram followers or views instead of likes.

The best way to answer that question is to look at how each of the interactions works.

Instagram likes and views perform essentially the same function, boosting engagement rates for specific posts and telling the algorithms that those posts deserve larger audiences. The reason to choose likes instead of views is simple: seeing that lots of people “like” a video is more likely to convince random users to watch a video than seeing that lots of people have viewed it.

Buying followers works differently. When the algorithms see that an Instagram account is quickly gaining followers, they give more exposure to all of the content that the account has posted. Instead of boosting individual videos, buying new followers increases the account’s overall audience — accelerating organic follower growth and the account’s social media presence.

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