Educational Future is Bright

This has been a good year for our school district. We have hired new management, we have established financial accountability, and we are looking to the future. Our next step […] Read more »

Uppser Dows Lane Field documents

In Irvington — Having reviewed over 800 pages of documents related to the Upper Dows Lane Field, I’m writing to brief the community: Read more »

Irvington Schools Budget

Our audited financial statements show that we are spending close to $30K per pupil. Thirty thousand dollars is the cost of tuition at a private school – and far more […] Read more »

Covering Healthcare for Retirees

Recently our newspapers carried stories about the $200 billion New Yorkers owe to cover healthcare for public sector retirees over the upcoming decades. Here is the situation in the Irvington […] Read more »

Irvington School Board Candidate

Dear Editor: I’m running for the School Board and here’s why. Irvington is a beautiful village and a great place to live, and we all have to work to keep […] Read more »