Tarrytown Hosts Workshop on Flooding Caused by Climate Change

The debate about climate change has been increasingly difficult to ignore, but sometimes lost in the larger discussion is how changing weather patterns affect our daily lives. Many scientists now caution us... Read more »

Regeneron Drug Finds Early Success in Combatting Ebola  

A clinical trial of Ebola treatments run by the US National Institute of Health, Democratic Republic of Congo’s INRB and the World Health Organization (WHO) was halted based on the preliminary promising... Read more »

The Peekskill Riots, 70 Years Later 

This summer marks the anniversary of a particularly ugly event in the area’s history that certainly won’t be celebrated, but should be remembered nonetheless. Over the course of two weekends in 1949,... Read more »

Area Mourns the Loss of the “Patient’s Doctor” 

When Elio Ippolito passed away May 14 at age 86, the community not only lost a highly trusted doctor, but also one of the Rivertowns’ most beloved figures—a medical practitioner who always put the... Read more »

Examining the Impact of Local Newspapers on Local Elections 

Everyone knows that local news media is shrinking. Whether there’s no longer a paper arriving to your home with reports on the happenings about town, or the newspaper you’ve read for years... Read more »

Fortnite: Why are Parents Worried about this Video Game Craze? 

The outcry of violence in video games has existed nearly as long as video games themselves. Going all the way back to 1976, public outcry caused a game called Death Race to be pulled... Read more »

Local Group Takes on Teens’ Biggest Addiction: Their Phones

It’s no secret the youth of America are spending more and more time on smartphones. What’s becoming clearer, though, is the harm phones are causing them. As mothers, and smartphones users themselves,... Read more »
Dr Nitin Gupta Rivertown Pediatrics

Changing Face of Health Care Part 2 – Local Doctors Put the “Care” Back into Health Care 

The medical field has changed tremendously over the course of the past few decades, including the discoveries of seemingly miraculous advancements. But not everything has changed for the better. As pediatrician Dr.... Read more »

Hudson Valley to Host Upcoming Active Shooter Awareness Event 

NY Metro InfraGard presents their first Hudson Valley Security Summit focusing on Active Shooter Awareness on March 15 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the GE Crotonville Leadership Center, located in Ossining. The interactive... Read more »
Dr Nitin Gupta Rivertown Pediatrics

A Local Pediatrician Brings a Personal Touch Back to Care

The classic image of a small-town doctor harkens back to simpler times. This doctor is a fixture of the community, familiar to everyone because he delivers all the babies and gives everyone... Read more »