Have you ever had that moment of panic, with sweaty palms and your heart thumping wildly in your chest, knowing you’re the next one to speak? It could be a […] Read more »

Speaking Out, Summertime Words

"Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…" as Gershwin wrote, and true it is. No more school, after- school lessons, and no more homework. Kids feel free, parents breathe easier, life […] Read more »

Speaking Out, "After Your Child’s First Words…"

Along with a child’s first steps, the first spoken word surely ranks as one of the high points in a parent’s life. Whether it’s "car" as in the case of […] Read more »

Speaking Out, Talking Fast

Talking fast, moving quickly, the tempo of New York is never slow. New Yorkers are impatient; standing still wastes time, maybe even wastes money. Doing things quickly seems to be […] Read more »

Speaking Out, “The Power of Words”

President Barack Obama sprang to the attention of most Americans with his eloquent keynote address during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. If one considers that presentation as his entrance into […] Read more »