Opinion, Thoughts on an Official Language

I am multi-lingual. I speak some Japanese and a little-used dialect of Italian. As a New Yorker I also have picked up a smattering of the major local language subgroups. Read more »

Opinion, Congestion Pricing Explained

The proposal is that to reduce traffic congestion in Manhattan a fee will be charged to discourage people from driving in. Green is good so this proposed law is being […] Read more »

The Immigration Reform Bill – Flawed, But Who’s Perfect?

This is a story about what might have been. It is irrelevant insofar as Congress did not act in a responsible manner. In a rushed vote last week, the bill […] Read more »

When We Had Our Own Money In Town

Imagine going into a store and whipping out a Tarrytown ten dollar bill to pay for your groceries. Or maybe a five from Elmsford or a one from Sing Sing […] Read more »