The Witch of Sleepy Hollow Heals What Ails You

Hulda of Bohemia, The Witch of Sleepy Hollow is the inspiration for this fall article on native herbal medicinal plants. Hulda’s gravestone, located at the Old Stone Church in Sleepy […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Make Your Yard a Welcome Wildlife Oasis 

If you had to choose just three plants to add to your garden to provide maximum ecosystem benefit, I would recommend starting with these three natives below. These recommendations are […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Which Pollinator Are You? 

This summer you may see many different insects flying and landing in your garden, in your patio planter or in your window box. Those insects that are searching for nectar […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Exploring the Natural Areas of Westchester

Westchester County’s environment is incredibly unique. We are located along the Hudson River to the west, the Long Island Sound and salt marsh habitat in the southeast, the forested ridges […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Red, White & Blue

Happy Memorial Day! When you hang the flag of the red, white, and blue, remember to plant native, too. Native plants are a part of our country’s natural heritage. The […] Read more »

Plan it WIld: Earth Anthem – A Celebration of Earth Day 

April 22 is coming up; mark your calendar, everyone, it’s Earth Day.  It is a day to celebrate the Earth, thanking the planet for our existence, for its beauty and […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Be Lucky & Be Green 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! May the luck of the Irish be with you.   And may the true green of nature be with you in your yard. Wait, what does […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Spring Ephemeral Love

February is when winter begins to fade ever so slightly. The shelves are stocked with Valentine’s Day cards and chocolates. Phil makes an appearance, and we all watch closely to […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Lighting up the Landscape

December is the darkest time of year. It’s when the sun shines the least as the Earth is tilted far away from the sun. But we celebrate the winter solstice […] Read more »

Plan it Wild: Thankful for All Creatures Great & Small 

As the leaves fall and the colors change, I breathe in the crisp air of autumn along with a feeling of deep gratitude for getting to live here in this beautiful county […] Read more »