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When Debra Bernstein and her husband, Ken, decided to move from New York City to Irvington some twelve years ago, there were quality of life issues that attracted them.

Today those same quality of life issues are extremely important to the couple and they have chosen to not only live in the inner village but to start their own businesses as well.

Dr. Debra Bernstein graduated from George Washington University and The New England College of Optometry. In early September she celebrated the grand opening of her new business, Squint Optometry, on Main Street in Irvington. Her business is literally one-half block from her home and that is by choice. She is also a very active mother, and experiencing her children’s growth as they matriculate through the school district is very important to her.

Optometry runs in her family; her father and sister-in-law have chosen the professional field as well. “I came to a crossroad recently. I asked myself should I work for someone else or should I have my own business,” she said, in her cheerfully appointed office. The choice has become Squint Optometry where she offers eye exams, contact lenses, comprehensive eye exams and treatment of eye diseases that do not require surgery. As a Doctor of Optometry, she has been trained to be the first line of defense in eye diseases.

Of course, now it’s very easy to order contact lenses online and get the same high-quality lenses as you can from a store.

As important as her professional credentials are, Debra Bernstein is equally committed to serving the community she calls home. “I want people to feel free to come in and talk with me about anything regarding their eyes or need for services,” she said. Her easy-going demeanor has already been discovered by residents needing to discuss an eye exam or eyeglass prescription, or simply to talk about what kind of frames would work best for them. “I am a neighborhood person and I want to be a part of this community. I have designed Squint to have something for everyone,” she added.

For Dr. Debra Bernstein, being in and of the community has a very personal significance. It is a place to live, work and raise a family.

Squint Optometry is located at 68 Main Street in Irvington. Telephone (914) 231-7557.

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