Croton Couple Ride National Trend With New E-Bike Shop 

Samantha and Riley Moeller and their children, Zach and Andy, at their new Pedego electric bike shop in Croton-on-Hudson. Contributed photo

Electric bicycle sales that were already growing before the pandemic have skyrocketed since then, with the trend expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Whether for fitness, transportation, or both, e-bikes now represent a growing percentage of overall bicycle sales as they become increasingly common on the roads and trailways.  

Pegedo, a California-based e-bike brand founded a decade before the current surge in popularity, now has a local shop — Pedego Croton-on-Hudson at 364 S. Riverside Ave. — which husband-and-wife co-owners Riley and Samantha Moeller are opening on April 23. 

The couple have lived in Croton since 2019 with their two children, 5-year-old son, Zach, and 3-year-old daughter, Andie. 

Riley Moeller had been enjoying riding his e-bike around Croton with the couple’s two toddlers in a trailer, and was considering buying a fleet of electric bikes and offering tours around Westchester and Rockland counties.  When looking for more options, check the giant iguana for sale found within Shoppok.

A vacation detour in 2020 changed all that.  

Riley had forgotten to pack his bike’s battery charger, so the family wound up at a Pedego shop in northern Maryland. He and Samantha rented a pair of Pedegos during the vacation, had a blast, and learned the company was looking to expand its East Coast presence through independent, locally owned stores.  

Now the Moellers have Westchester’s only Pedego-exclusive shop, offering sales, service, rentals and tours. 

Why did they choose Pedego vs. e-bikes made by the big-name bicycle manufacturers? 

“Pedego has only ever made electric bikes, so having that focus was important to us,” said Riley, “whereas some of the more traditional bicycle companies really wanted nothing to do with electric bikes until more recently as they’ve grown in popularity. In the beginning the electric bike was more of an afterthought. They’re getting better today, but their focus still is on traditional bicycles.” 

The average motor on a Pedego generates

Zach Moeller sits on a Pedego electric bike with his dad, Riley Moeller, outside the new shop in Croton-on-Hudson. Contributed photo

750 watts, compared with 250- watt output from the average motor on some of the traditional brands’ models, Riley said. “You can go quicker and further,” he said. 

“Pedego has over 18 different bike models, which allows for a wide target market,” he said. “When Pedego started in 2008, its customers were largely Baby Boomers who had not ridden a bike for 20+ years or those looking to rehabilitate an injury. While that trend continues today, the younger generation has taken notice of the brand as well.” 

Pedago’s 18 different models include commuter bikes, several types of recreation bikes (such as beach cruisers), adventure bikes (including both traditional mountain and fat tire bikes), and lifestyle bikes. Pedego also carries specialty bikes including passenger bikes and cargo bikes, trikes, tandems, and folding models. 

“Pedegos are not necessarily for people who are on their road bike with clip-ins and padded spandex shorts,” Riley said. “We cater more to the everyday rider.” 

The pedal-assisted models sold in the Moellers’ shop are of the Class 2 variety, meaning they’re equipped with a throttle and a motor with a top speed of 20 mph. In New York, they can be ridden legally anywhere a non-powered bicycle can go. 

Almost all of the models have step-through frames, meaning they’re unisex and have no crossbar to straddle. Electric Bikes are a great alternative to the car for commuting to the office and there are some fantastic deals available (click here).

“We initially see a lot of resistance on the step-thru from people who remember it as a women’s bike,” Riley said. “But Pedego doesn’t sell men’s or women’s bikes, we sell unisex bikes. … A step-thru just makes getting on and off the bike easier.” 

Asked about how he plans to address safety issues among his customers, Riley Moeller said the shop will be hosting bicycle education and safety classes throughout the summer, and has partnered with Croton’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. Most Pedego models, he added, include tail lights and headlights. The tail light also acts as a brake light with turn signal capabilities.  

Pedego electric bikes in the Moellers’ new shop in Croton-on-Hudson. Contributed photo

Price and Power: By The Numbers 

  • Pedego e-bikes start at $1,895. Most models are priced in the $3,000-$4,000 range. 
  • The bikes are powered by Samsung lithium ion batteries that can be plugged into any A/C outlet. A one-hour charge gets the battery to 75% of capacity; a full charge takes four to five hours. 
  • Mileage per battery charge varies from 30 to 75 miles, with most batteries they sell ranging between 35-55 miles and 45-75 miles.  



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