As We Celebrate Friends & Families Sometimes a Heroine Shines Through

Marcy LekagulMarcy Lekagul, who was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD), is just about to graduate from the New York State Esthetics (skin care) program.

Huntington’s Disease affects about 30,000 Americans and Marcy is just one who inherited the disease from her mother. (Her 2 sisters tested negative.) Her mother is the longest living survivor at the facility she is now residing in. Although HD seems to eventually rob the individual of almost all mental faculties and physical control, one does not witness this trait in Marcy. A wife and mother of 2 adopted children, Lekagul, against all odds, has completed the 600-hour program, all on her own.

The program consists of hands-on practices and different precise movements that most estheticians and skincare students take for granted. But not Marcy. Dedicated and determined to find her niche in the industry, Lekagul worked day-by-day, hour-by-hour to perfect and perform safe and effective treatments. But Huntington’s is a progressively degenerative central nervous system disorder, and it showed no mercy. It was becoming apparent that Marcy was not going to be able to perform facials or wax treatments due to the unsteady gait and involuntary movements this disease produces.

But that did not stop Marcy. Holding firm to her initial goal, which was to have her children be proud of their mother, she worked even harder and closer with her instructors and has finally found her niche. Lekagul has mastered the art of Body Treatments. She exfoliates the body, applies a mask for hydration and finishes with an application of moisturizer. Because the body is a larger area, and Marcy’s natural ability to massage using the correct pressure and duration, her clients leave feeling completely refreshed.

Marcy Lekagul entered the program of study at the New York School of Esthetics, (after successfully completing a BS in Labor Relations), to learn how to help others and make them feel better with touch therapy and make-up techniques. Not only did Marcy graduate with honors and perfect attendance (even though she had to take 2 buses to get to school), she has inspired an entire class and company to dig deeper within themselves and work toward the goals they hold dear. Through Marcy’s inabilities lies a life lesson: that through hard work, determination and the will to succeed, anyone can really do anything.

Our hats are off to Mrs. Lekagul for her accomplishments. For anyone who would like to receive a Body Treatment from her at the School, all proceeds will go to Huntington’s Disease Society of America  for research in Marcy’s name. This is Marcy’s next goal. To become part of a research program, and we have no doubt in our minds she will do just that.

Anyone can make a donation or receive support for Huntington’s Disease by calling (1-800) 345-HDSA or visiting Those interested in booking an appointment with Marcy can call the New York School of Esthetics at (914) 631-4432.

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