A Warm Farewell….Master Kim to Return to South Korea

Master YooWhen 5th degree black belt, Master Juhee Kim, arrived in the United States 1 ½ years ago she could not have predicted that her experience at Yoo’s Martial Arts in Tarrytown would have been so rewarding and fulfilling.

She had been invited to participate in the US Open International Tae Kwon Do Championships where she placed  eighth – an accomplishment which reflected her skill and dedication to this sport, which is also a way of life.

At Yoo’s Martial Arts Master Kim helped younger students with all aspects of their training. “I have had a very good experience here and I am proud of [my] helping people and seeing the changes they have made in Tae Kwon Do and their lives,” Master Kim said. “I wish everyone to be well and to be happy and I hope that someday we will meet again,” she added.

Her sponsor, Master Yoo, reflected on her time in Tarrytown and said, “She has been able to see Tae Kwon Do from both perspectives, that of Korea and here in the United States. Having that opportunity has contributed to her growth, for both countries approach Tae Kwon Do with deep dedication to a healthy mind, body and spirit.”  

Many students and their families have been touched by Master Kim’s teaching and they have expressed their gratitude through well wishes and some tears.


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