Letter to the Editor: Briarcliff School Board Candidate

Hello Briarcliff Residents,

My name is Michelle Woerner, and it is with much enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the Briarcliff School District Board of Education.

As a teacher of mother of three young children, it probably comes as no surprise that I am someone who is deeply invested in Briarcliff’s schools. While our schools have a history of great success, there is a concern among many community members that they are not always fairly represented.

This is why I’m running — because I believe that all voices must be heard. Not only in order for our schools and community to remain top notch, but to better understand and adapt to the educational challenges in the years to come.

Throughout my years as an educator, I’ve seen firsthand how neighboring districts have outpaced us with welcoming facilities, modernized learning spaces, and curriculum that are conducive for 21st century learning. Colleges and the workforce are becoming more and more competitive. In order for our next generation of students to realize their potential, they must be well-rounded and exposed to a variety of learning opportunities.

I believe creative thinking can better design solutions to our funding funding obstacles — an opportunity to problem-solve at a grassroots level. Next year, Briarcliff will see a decrease in Pocantico student enrollment in our high school, as well as decreased state funding, which will have a significant impact on revenue. In joining together and engaging in open, transparent dialogue with our friends, neighbors, and local/state officials we can successfully navigate the district’s funding changes and spending priorities.

My family and I are proud and appreciative to be part of a caring community of smart, forward-thinking individuals — people who place a high value on education and even higher expectations on those who are in positions to shape its course. That’s why, on May 21, 2019, I am asking for your vote to bring a constructive voice and truly collaborative approach to serving all the people of Briarcliff as a member of our school board.

Thank you,

Michelle Woerner


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