Getting a Head Start – Ossining Students Prep for the Fall  

Students in the Park School Summer Institute take a break to practice mindfulness.

Ossining students of all ages kept busy all summer in programs designed to boost their skills and prepare them for the new academic year. 

To get a head start on high school, fifty-six rising ninth-graders completed the new, month-long Freshman Academy introduced this year at Anne M. Dorner (AMD) Middle School. They studied some of the content they will learn in algebra, living environment, English, and global studies during their first two semesters at Ossining High School, as well as organizational and study skills. 

The Academy made student Jennifer Vivar feel confident, as she said, It’s like I’m already in high school. 

In another AMD program, OHS students entering the higher grades had a chance to recover credits in living environment, global studies, U.S. History and algebra, and prepare for August Regents exams. 

Two programs for children entering grades 6-8 are a New Language Newcomer Academy and program that incorporates a “Where in the World?” theme, where students learn math, English, and science concepts.  

In Melissa Ferraro’s math class, rising sixth graders studying Brazil connected soccer to their work by tracking how many times each team could get a mini soccer ball into a plastic cup and calculating mean, median, and mode.  

Student Sara Jimenez credited the program for giving her an edge on the year.  

At Park School, about 300 children entering kindergarten through grade 5 strengthened their writing, reading, thinking, math, and other skills.

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