Family Math Night at the Tarrytowns

Students and their families played games and honed their skills at Family Math Night.

Students counted, laughed and counted some more on February 28 for the annual Family Math Night at the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns 

John Paulding and W.L. Morse students and their families filled the cafeteria and gymnasium at Morse for an evening of discovery and fun.  

“Family Math Night was a huge success!” said ELA/Math Staff Developer Kristie Martinez. “The children were able to show off their math skills and parents got to see what their kids are learning...”  

In addition to traditional games like Connect Four, checkers and Go Fish, students also played Dance Math, Snakes and Ladders and tried their hands at addition and subtraction activities. “There was lots of learning, thinking and talking about math,” said Martinez. 

Members of the Sleepy Hollow High School Math Honor Society helped run the games for children and their families.

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