An International Invitation

Education FirstFor those who enjoy foreign languages, visiting abroad and simply being with interesting and unique people, an international invitation is extended. The EF School (Education First), whose campus is the former Marymount College in Tarrytown, is offering a unique opportunity to its students and to river town residents as well.

Simply put it is called a “Mentoring Program” and in essence allows students learning English to meet residents in social settings for lively exchanges on any topic that they so choose. “Many of our students seek out opportunities to learn about the United States and to speak English with local people. Our students come from countries around the world and they are eager to interact outside of the classroom,” said Elodie Steffen, the Host Family and Community Mentoring Coordinator at the Tarrytown campus. Meetings between students and residents can be over a cup of coffee, a meal at a restaurant, a movie or just about anywhere they decide upon. There is only one “hard & fast” rule and that is that any meeting be alcohol free.

The students seeking friendship and the opportunity to speak English are studying at EF for either 6 or 9 months. Arranged meetings can be as little as 4 hours total per month or as many as mutually agreed upon.

The mentoring program offers a great deal to residents who are interested in the world beyond their local communities. It’s a great way to exchange ideas and find areas of mutual interest  with another person eager to learn not only the English language but about life in the United States as well.

For further information about the exciting “Mentoring Program” at the EF School contact Elodie Steffen at (914) 597-7104 or email her at


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