Long-Time Residents Announce Team Candidacy in Briarcliff Elections

This Story was provided by the Committee to Preserve Briarcliff Manor, Inc.

Steve Vescio Briarcliff Mayor
Steve Vescio, Candidate for Mayor of Briarcliff Manor

Briarcliff residents Steve Vescio, Peter Chatzky and Ned Midgley have announced they will be running together in the upcoming Briarcliff Caucus election. In response to many residents  looking  for  alternative  options  to  the  current  Board  of  Trustees  due  to  a  perceived  lack  of  transparency and forward progress in the Village the three have decided to run as a slate for the Village Board of Trustees.

Steve  Vescio,  a  construction  finance  executive  and  real  estate  professional,  current  Planning  Board  Member, and Volunteer Firefighter, is running for the office of Mayor of Briarcliff Manor. Dealing with the repurposing  of  corporate  campuses  with  smart  planning  and  public  input  is  on  top  of  the  37‐year  resident’s agenda.

“Our Village cannot allow any redevelopment of corporate campuses without first putting in place the safeguards to protect the quality of life all Briarcliff residents have come to know and love. Without these measures in place we risk severe negative impacts. The Board of Trustee proposed regulations this past summer had the potential to add more than 700 residential units to the Community.  Our roads, train station parking and other infrastructure are not equipped to handle a 25% population growth.”

Peter Chatzky, CEO of a software development company and a partner in a venture capital firm, is a 25‐year resident of Briarcliff Manor.  The former Mayor, who is now running for Trustee, also feels the Village is moving in the wrong direction.

“Our Village is facing a critical time, with an unprecedented number of large plots facing new development.  Steve, Ned, and I would bring experience, expertise, and a history of innovative thinking to the Board.  We all believe the Village can do a better job fostering responsible development, managing ongoing infrastructure projects, and using creative thinking to improve the fiscal position and the communication to all residents within the Village.”

Edward “Ned” Midgley, a commercial real estate executive, who has lived in the Village for 21 years and is running for Trustee to bring a unique skillset to the table that will help the Village to deal with our outdated zoning.

“The current Mayor and Board of Trustees do not possess the requisite real estate expertise and negotiating skills to reach the proper outcomes for the commercial zones in the Village. My background and expertise allow me to manage complex negotiations with real estate developers whose motivations are not necessarily aligned with the Village and community.”

All  three  candidates  will  be  nominated  for  the  respective  offices  at  the  People’s  Caucus  of  Briarcliff  Manor’s nominating meeting to be held Wednesday January 9, 2019 at 8PM at the Briarcliff Community Center.

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