Letter to the Editor – Irvington Solar Panels

I am dismayed by the plan to build a solar park in East Irvington.  Production of solar cells is an expensive energy intensive polluting process that requires burning of gas or coal or nuclear power to purify the silicon wafers. Solar cells have to be paid for with our taxes.  The land these solar cells occupy take away from land that support plant life, wild life and animals such as deer that are forced into our yards and onto our roads.

There is a lot of concern about man’s production of carbon dioxide.  Unlike trees solar cells do not consume carbon dioxide.  There has been less concern but should be more, about the fact that killing plants reduces the production of oxygen which is vital to animal life.

Why not add the land proposed for the solar panels to East Irvington’s nature preserve instead?  Our parks are a big part of what make our towns desirable places to live.


Gamaliel Isaac
Irvington Resident



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