Artist Spotlight – David Rocco: Photographer’s Focus on the Tappan Zee 


Tappan Zee Bridge, Cuomo Bridge, David RoccoWhen construction began on the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo BridgeDavid Rocco set out to photograph the project from start to finish. Rocco has nearly 10,000 photos in his collection, marking the beauty of the massive bridge and its construction. Beginning in 2015, Rocco would go to the site every two months to take additional photographs. 

Rocco’s approach to photography is anything but conventional. Taking nearly twenty helicopter rides to gain unique shots of the bridge, Rocco was willing to go to extremes in order to capture the perfect moment. Rocco’s photographs resulted in an ambitious and detailed body of work, showcasing the immense project taken on by current Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

When discussing his process, Rocco made it clear that taking the perfect photo involves many different variablesThe time of day, the side of the river he must be on when photographing the bridge, and what is happening at the moment of the photograph are some of the key elements behind his work. Rocco’s dedication to the craft is unwavering, and he always finds himself racing against time and light when chasing a shot he knows will be amazing. “Whatever it took to get those shots, I would wait hours.” 

Rocco’s photographs of the old Tappan Zee Bridge and the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge will be featured at the Warner Library in Tarrytown throughout the month of May.

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