Spotlight on Sleepy Hollow’s New Day Medical Weight Loss – Dr. Marta Hernandez

Dr. Marta Hernandez New Day Medical Weight LossA new weight loss service is in town! Dr. Marta Hernandez plans to open New Day Medical Weight Loss on Monday, Nov. 11. Hernandez offers a free first time consultation to see if her program is right for the patient.

Even though the holiday food-binge season is coming, Hernandez said that now is a great time to sign up for her services, before New Year’s resolution time. “I can assist people with diet and stress management to help them keep from gaining that holiday weight and even to lose some weight, while still enjoying the holidays,” Hernandez said.

After 20 years of primary health care, Hernandez decided to open her own weight loss practice in Sleepy Hollow. “I just thought it was really pivotal for all patients’ medical conditions to help them with their weight loss,” Hernandez said. She said that obesity is an epidemic and she “really just wanted to focus on that and offer a comprehensive program to help people.” Hernandez explained that helping her patients with this one area has helped improve many other aspects of patients’ lives like quality of life and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol, among others.

She noted that the people who will benefit the most from her services are those who’ve had trouble losing weight or keeping the weight off. New Day Medical Weight Loss doesn’t just focus on one aspect of weight loss, but has more of a “multi-pronged” approach. “You have to look at the whole person – what’s going on in their community, in their life, in their family, in their job, all that impacts upon their health,” she said. “When they come in… I feel like this is a person I know a lot about. People want that from their doctor; they want to feel that their doctor knows them.”

For more information, visit or call to make an appointment at (914) 372-7800.
245 No. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow.

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