More Than A Drop In The Bucket…1.6 Million Gallons To Be Precise


The Village of Sleepy Hollow, with the aid of consultants and engineering, is constructing a 140-foot-diameter, 15-foot- high water tank on Rockefeller property at the crest of Tower Hill Road. The tank, when finished, will hold 1.6 million gallons of water to meet the needs of the Village and the new Edge-on-Hudson development along the Hudson River.

Photo: The 50-yard high boom poured the large concrete base (in the background) of the new water tank.

Currently the Village has one 800,000-gallon tank near Swan Lake, also on the Rockefeller property. That tank reportedly has been drained to the bottom on occasions and is inadequate to solely support any new developments within the Village. Current new development along the Hudson in Sleepy Hollow is having its water needs met by two lines, one from Tarrytown and the other from Sleepy Hollow. Once the new tank is in operation the Tarrytown water line will be shut off and Sleepy Hollow will provide all the water to its waterfront development.

The new tank with its large diameter will only be 15 feet high. Soil will be backfilled to a height of 5-6 feet around it and extensive landscaping, reportedly costing $100,000, will make the site esthetically pleasing and almost indistinguishable from the wooded property that surrounds it.

Total cost for the tank is estimated at $6,000,000 with the Village of Sleepy Hollow receiving a grant that will pay for twenty five percent. $650,000 will be paid to the Village from Edge-on-Hudson developers and 0% financing structure for the remainder has been arranged through the Environmental Facilities Corporation, according to Anthony Giaccio, the Village Administrator.

The outside walls of the new tank will be pre-cast concrete and the roof will be poured concrete, just like what companies such as Concrete contractor Seattle WA do. The pipe connection from the tank will run south and under County House Road where it will connect with Sleepy Hollow’s pump station. A projected date of Spring 2017 is realistic for its completion.

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