What’s all the Pink About?

The White House is Pink, The Empire State Building is Pink!  In October Pink is the new Black.   “Why?” you ask.  Because Pink is the international color for Breast Cancer Awareness, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Even the NFL has gone Pink!  So if you don’t believe that “real men wear Pink,” just watch all of those men resplendent in pink cleats and pink sweat cloths.  Frankly, the only one who isn’t Pink is PINK, herself.  She has gone Blonde!

Locally, the power of Pink is also strong.  Yesterday, as I ran errands around the Rivertowns, I noticed the amount of Pink Ribbon Car Magnets I saw.  Survivor badges I call them – because I, too, display one on my car.  I was in Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings and Tarrytown and I counted 38 car magnets displaying pink ribbons.  That is not only awesome (because they are survivors) but a small indication of how prevalent this disease is – 1 in 8 women to be exact. 

Several businesses have also pledged to the Pink.  Katherine Winters Salon (132 Main Street in Irvington) sponsored a “Cut For The Cure” day.  Kathy Semke, the owner, donated all monies on 9/9 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.    Jen Monness, yoga instructor extraordinaire, asked willing clients to donate as well.  These are just a few of the individuals who should be commended.  I know they are not alone.  From information that I could collect, the Rivertwown’s had about 6 different teams walking in the NYC “Race For The Cure” on September 18th, and several walking at Manhattanville College.  Combined these teams have raised/will raise more than $38,000.  

Our towns have another reason to be proudly Pink.  We are home to two (2) nationally respected and renowned facilities that cater to Breast Cancer patients.

Dobbs Ferry is home to the Ashikari Breast Center – a place I can’t rave about enough since Andrew Ashikari was my Doctor and guide through my journey with Breast Cancer.  Sleepy Hollow is the location of the Sloane Kettering Memorial Cancer Center satellite office.  This facility is well known for treating many cancer patients – especially ones with Breast Cancer. In the past, October colors were rusts, deep reds and browns…So be aware, you have now officially been PINKED!


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