UPDATE – Water Main Break in Briarcliff Manor

Village of Briarcliff Manor2:00 PM Update – October 31.  Our DPW/Water Department Personnel have been able to make speedy repairs to this morning’s water main break.  We are in the process of water testing, back filling the site, and flushing of the water lines. You may see that several nearby fire hydrants have been “cracked open” and a “whiff” of chlorine: this is to enable a more extensive flushing procedure. This is normal.

Please be advised that you may have slightly discolored water (it’s the color of ginger ale right now). Check your own homes but the water is safe to drink.   Avoid clothes washing.

What about water discoloration?  One way of first checking and minimizing the discoloration effect is to open up a faucet at the lowest elevation that is also closest to where your water service line enters your home: like a basement sink or outdoor faucet.  If discolored water is already within your home, go to the water outlet farthest away from the street connection (like an upstairs shower) and run both the hot and cold water until clear.  This will help pull/flush the discolored water through the system and out.  Recheck all water faucets, washing machines and your hot water heater.

While the BM High School/Middle School closed early, be assured that actions were initiated to meet all Health Department regulations, as abundance of caution … and well … commonsense.   We expect all repairs and all additional VBM action to cease within hours. Thanks to all … especially our work force/staff and to those who were inconvenienced by the water break.


Lastly, while I have you … today is Halloween. Please be a considerate neighbor as you expect of others.  We have additional Police coverage and there will be zero tolerance of property damage and disorderly conduct.From the Village Manager of Briarcliff Manor: This is to notify you that a water main break occurred opposite the BM High School/Middle School on Pleasantville Road this morning.  We are mobilizing to isolate the break but are advising you that lower pressure will occur throughout the area as we attempt to maintain service.Depending on what we discover underground and how bad, we anticipate a water shut off to enable a timely repair.  We hope to isolate the affected area to a minimum while work is underway.

We have been working in coordination with the School District and have been advised that a decision will be made shortly regarding an early dismissal from the school.

We will keep you advised as events and conditions change.


Philip E. Zegarelli
Village Manager

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