Join the Great Briarcliff Photo Hunt–with Prizes!

To honor Briarcliff’s 110th Anniversary next year,  The Briarcliff Manor/Scarborough Historical Society is creating a 128-page photo book on the history of the Village. It will be published by Arcadia Publishing and released next November (2012). Next November is both the month of the Village’s incorporation and Walter Law’s 175th birthday – certainly a perfect month for celebration.

The Society is inviting family and friends who have past pictures of home and “around town” photos to be part of it. Each picture that’s chosen for the book will get a personal credit line in the caption. Each photo chosen will also be entered in the Society’s “best picture” contest, with prizes awarded next spring. The prize structure will be announced shortly after the first of the year, but pictures may be submitted now. Prizes will include both cash and meals at local restaurants, among others.

While photos with definite historical flavor are those most needed, any pictures that tell readers a little more about the community are welcome. All photos will be inventoried, handled gently, and the chosen ones carefully scanned. All pictures will be returned in pristine condition, thanks to our experienced photo editors. If you’re a photography fan and would like to help out on the book, BMSHS would be happy to add you to their team.

This is a great chance to help out on an important community project, have fun doing it and also win a prize. If you’re interested, please call 941-4393 and leave a message, or email The Society will get right back to you and arrange a time to screen your pictures at its space in the library. The editors will also be happy to talk to you further about the project and answer any questions.

The Society is looking forward to a celebratory 2012 and a great, memorable book and keepsake – with your valuable help!  ©

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