Briarcliff Village Manager’s Report-Feb 8-Snow Storm Update

Village of Briarcliff ManorStorm Update. Revised storm reports indicate that storm accumulations are now expected to range between 8 and 16 inches with an upper bias depending on where the freeze line goes. Why such a wide range? Temperatures are bouncing back and forth above and below the freeze line as the two storm cells congeal in our immediate area.  By 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, degree temperatures are expected to range in the upper 20’s as the snowfall further intensifies.

Overnight the heaviest accumulations will occur as the temperatures drop to the low 20’s.  The added twist is that the winds are expected to be a steady 20 MPH with possible gusts in the 40-50 MPH range during that same timeframe.  This means blowing snow, snow drifting and a wider range of total accumulations.  The weather forecast also indicates that the storm could go into Saturday afternoon.  Our DPW is adjusting operations to address the more protracted nature of this storm. Drive Slow and then Slow down some more … this mix of ice/snow at any speed is dangerous.


Con Ed Status. Our discussions with Con Ed indicate that they intend to pre-position crews around the county.  They have been able to assemble mutual aid response teams from neighboring regions … made easier this time because “Storm Nemo” has a shortened diameter versus what we all went through with Hurricane Sandy.  While all bets are off as to damage in VBM, we are hopeful that Con Ed’s repair and replacement efforts resultant from Hurricane Sandy will lessen potential power outages.  This with the tree removal efforts of hundreds of damaged trees from previous storm events should also help.  BUT be careful !  There still are many trees that have the lingering damage effects from the many storms we have had.  AND if you suffer a power outage, please call Con Ed at 1-800-75-CON ED to report it. Please make sure Con Ed provides you with a “incident ticket number” and you then share it with us … VBM PD at 941-2130 and my office, This speeds up our follow-up efforts.

Village Winter Snow Rules and Regulations are in effect and will be enforced. To repeat previous information: No cars are to be parked on the village’s streets from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM: Tickets will be issued.  Please plan ahead … we strongly suggest that you take the opportunity now to remove cars from the street and concentrate them in your driveways today. We are not picking on any area … there are situations in virtually the entire village.  Our DPW workers need room to push back the snow to free up the streets.  It goes without saying that if you leave your car on the street, not only will it get buried but our ability to clean up your neighborhood could be severely impacted.

Scarborough Railroad Station. Commuters should check Metro North since the normal strain schedules are being adjusted to get people home earlier today.  We are under “modified valet service” … meaning that Juan’s team have parked or asked you to park so as NOT to block others. When you return (hopefully early today) you should be able to retrieve your cars as quickly as possible. Valet parking operations will close at 3:00 PM today. Remember that parking rules state no overnight parking at the station between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM. Leaving cars overnight will severely impede our ability to clean and clear the parking lot for Monday’s start. Tickets will be issued.

Cancellations. The VBM has cancelled everything set for this weekend. Administrative Office will close early; the Library will close by 2:00 PM and stay closed until Monday. Due to manpower needs, the ice skating rink will not be prepped for use and is closed. Check VBM’s web-site,, for details on all village events and with your school’s website as well.

SAFE HOME … and stay home !

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