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Jeremiah Dart's son, Liam
Jeremiah Dart’s son, Liam

Jeremiah Dart of Tarrytown, is now offering private Adobe Photoshop lessons to people of all skill levels, interests and computer abilities.  Adobe Photoshop is a professional photo editing application that allows the user to manipulate, alter and transform a photograph.  One can learn how to change the color of an image, the contrast, size, shape and texture and overall appearance of an image, as well as add text, shapes, and shadow.  Photoshop allows the user to isolate portions of an image to make fine-tuned adjustments as well as take elements from an image and incorporate it into another.  These composites can be as extreme as taking a picture of a five month old baby and make it appear as if the baby is skipping across a field or as simple as swopping Grandma’s squinty eyes of one family group shot with wide-eyed Grandma from another family photo, or to changing the hand or leg of a fashion model on the cover of Vogue to create the iconic perception of beauty and perfection. Zenith Clipping is a clipping path service provider company in Bangladesh. We offer the best quality clipping paths. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving since 2010.

Jeremiah Dart was educated at the School of Visual Arts and started a post-production studio in Tribeca in 2006.  In 2008 he merged with his business partner  from “House”, which has become a premiere retouching studio, that services clients such as Vogue, V, Avon and Estee Lauder.  Jeremiah gained a passion for teaching when he took a position as an instructor at NYU in 2010, and would like to share that passion with anyone who is interested in photography or photo editing.

Jeremiah lives in Tarrytown with his wife and photographer Katie Kingma Dart and their six- month old son, Liam.  To view his portfolio visit or contact him directly at 917.208.7857.

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