Should You Buy TikTok Followers? What You Need To Know

Not everyone who has an account on the social media platform should buy TikTok followers.

  • You simply enjoy scrolling through your feed to see interesting or funny TikTok videos? You don’t need new followers.
  • You’re on TikTok just to see the videos your friends and family have taken? You don’t need new followers.

That covers an enormous number of the app’s users, who have no real interest in popularity, influence, or TikTok fame.

It still leaves a huge group of content creators, influencers, and businesses who yearn for more exposure for their content and a larger TikTok fan base, not to mention “regular” users who secretly wish they had a larger follower count.

All of those people should buy followers — because the only fast and effective way to grow a TikTok account is to purchase TikTok followers.

Why would that jumpstart organic growth on the platform? Read on.

How to Grow Your TikTok Following

Shortly after TikTok was open to American and European signups, the app’s popularity soared from 500 million users to nearly two billion. That dashed the hopes of those who thought just posting high-quality content would earn them large audiences and maybe even influencer status.

Prolific hashtag use, frequent posting to increase account visibility, and optimizing TikTok profiles didn’t work, either. The rich got “richer” while small accounts seemingly couldn’t buy an audience or fan base.

Here’s the good news: it’s now possible to purchase both. All it takes is buying TikTok followers.

You might think that purchased fans, who won’t become loyal followers or pay attention to sponsored content, won’t be much help. But that’s because you aren’t familiar with the TikTok algorithms. Here’s a step-by-step explanation.

  1. The algorithms are TikTok’s traffic cops, deciding which videos and accounts deserve exposure in random users’ feeds.
  2. They’re programmed to help the rich get richer; the app’s most popular accounts get the most visibility.
  3. However, there’s a back door. Users rapidly adding followers are also considered “popular” by the algorithms and are also given more exposure.
  4. Once a small account has purchased followers and been rewarded with larger audiences, those new viewers have their first opportunity to see the account’s videos.
  5. If the content is high-quality and compelling, a large number of viewers will become new, organic followers.

As you keep buying TikTok follower packages, the growth cycle continues and accelerates. Before you know it, you’ve become popular and influential on the social platform.

That may seem too simple, but it works. More than half of TikTok’s influencers have followed this path to popularity, and many large businesses regularly buy fans as a TikTok marketing strategy. It will only work for you, though, if you create content that fans will want to watch — and if you buy real TikTok followers.

Real followers are just what they sound like: real people with real TikTok accounts who hit the “follow” button on your account. The algorithms know they’re real TikTok users, so they “count.” By contrast, fake followers sold by scammy websites are generated by bots, violate the app’s rules, and are deleted. You see no account growth; in fact, your account could be banned.

You can only buy real followers from trustworthy TikTok growth services. These are the ones we recommend.


Our #1 and #2 recommendations are so close by every measure that Twicsy could have finished in second place on this list. But because the average level of organic growth triggered by Twicsy’s TikTok followers is slightly higher, and because Twicsy can deliver the largest packages of real followers available anywhere, they edged into first place.

This provider made a name for itself delivering high-quality Instagram followers, and quickly did the same when adding TikTok interactions to its menu. You can purchase packages starting at 100 genuine followers and increasing to a massive 20,000, with the former perfect for new accounts and the latter ideal for influencers.

Twicsy’s followers are never priced higher than those from other high-end services, and instant delivery means growth begins quickly. Secure servers and encrypted transactions make the ordering process 100% safe for your TikTok presence and personal information, and support reps are on duty 24/7 to answer questions or help in any way needed.

No TikTok provider delivers better results than Twicsy, and the quality of its service matches the results.

Buy real TikTok followers now from Twicsy


Here’s the follower service that finished just behind Twicsy. Buzzoid’s high-quality, genuine followers are objectively just as good, as are their rapid delivery, fair prices, secure ordering process, and 24-hour support.

However, they can only supply a maximum of 10,000 interactions and the average organic growth their followers trigger is 1-2% lower than Twicsy provides, so we’ve put them into second place. That’s not a unanimous verdict, though; many TikTok influencers and companies who are dedicated, repeat customers insist that Buzzoid’s followers work better for them.

Both are outstanding TikTok growth services.

Buy real TikTok followers now from Buzzoid


TokMatik’s only been in the TikTok service industry for a few years, but they’ve built an operation that should be challenging Twicsy and Buzzoid for our top ranking in the very near future.

Right now, just 100-5,000 real TikTok followers are available from TokMatik, but they’re very high-quality and generate strong results that are only a few percentage points behind the market leaders. Delivery, prices, and user experience are all on par with their more experienced competitors, and many TikTok influencers already use TokMatik to vary their follower sources.

It could be worth your time to try this provider, too.

Buy real TikTok followers now from TokMatik


The newest top-quality service to offer TikTok followers, Rushmax has broken out of the pack because its 100-5,000 genuine follows from real TikTok users deliver stronger growth than any other provider not named Twicsy, Buzzoid, or TokMatik.

With fast delivery and excellent service, Rushmax has everything else you’d want from your TikTok provider, and their results are still worth the reasonable prices they charge. Whether it’s as an alternate follower supplier or as a primary service on the come, we’re very impressed with Rushmax.

The Benefits of Boosting Your Fan Base with Purchased Followers

We’ve alluded to the huge benefits of buying genuine TikTok followers, but they deserve a much closer examination.

  1. More exposure for your content: Why would you produce high-quality TikTok videos if only your friends and family can see them? All content creators love it when their work is shown to a large audience, whether it’s for the simple gratification of providing pleasure to lots of viewers, or the more tangible feedback and praise they receive. Buying follows from real TikTok users generates the increased visibility that allows you to enjoy all of those benefits.
  2. A higher follower count: A much bigger fan base will open the door to all sorts of possibilities, but simply having a large number of followers can make you smile every time you glance at your account, and let you boast about your huge fan base to your competitive friends who are also on the app.
  3. Generating income: There are all sorts of ways to monetize your account once you’ve bought enough real TikTok fans to reach1,000 followers (some options require 10,000+ fans). They include joining the TikTok Creativity Program or opening a TikTok shop, sharing in ad revenue, setting up a separate section of exclusive content for subscribers, and receiving tips from those who view your live streams.Of course, when most people think about earning money from their TikTok presence, they think about becoming an influencer. They’re not wrong to do so. Many who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers can earn as much as $120 for each sponsored post, and the monetary benefits grow quickly from there. Once your purchased, genuine TikTok followers generate more than 100,000 fans, you’re looking at four-figure payments for sponsored posts — and that’s not counting the profits you can earn from sponsor collaborations and the free “goodies” most influencers rake in.
  4. Growing your business: Buying real, high-quality TikTok followers from a reliable service is a common social media growth strategy for companies that want to boost their online presence. The influx of organic followers they receive allows them to create large communities where they can showcase products, boost brands, and generate leads and sales. TikTok is known to be one of the best social media apps for generating income, and businesses can do it (with an outstanding ROI) when they buy active TikTok followers to generate growth.
  5. Enhancing your account’s credibility: When you post content or promote products, you naturally want your followers and your random visitors to trust you. Otherwise, they won’t be tempted to watch your videos and buy the products. The best way to build trust is to establish credibility — and the best way to establish credibility is with a large follower count. Both the followers you purchase from a trustworthy social media marketing service, and the organic followers they generate, give you a follower count that tells other TikTok users “Lots of people already enjoy these videos and trust these products, so you should, too.”There’s a name for this phenomenon; marketers call it “social proof.” Consumers are more likely to do something if others already have; it’s why so many companies include testimonials in their ads. Social proof is effective, and you can boost its effectiveness for your social media presence if you also buy TikTok likes and TikTok views. They send your likes and views counts soaring, while also increasing the engagement rates that can determine if your posts reach the “For You” page or even go viral.

Considerations When Buying TikTok Followers

If we were to rank the most important factors in choosing a TikTok follower service, numbers one, two, and three would be whether the service delivers real follows from active TikTok users. You’re wasting your money if you’re getting fake followers since you won’t see any organic growth. You’re also putting your account at risk of being penalized or deleted.

Number four on that list would be the results you see. The highest-quality services generate returns of nearly 100% on your purchases, meaning you add approximately the same number of organic fans as the number of followers that you’ve purchased.

The TikTok services we’ve recommended all supply 100% real followers and come very close to providing that 100% return on purchases.

Other considerations include:

  • Menu of follower packages: The more variety there is in their packages, the better able a service is to deliver the growth you need throughout your TikTok journey. You should always match the size of your purchase to your follower count; otherwise, your growth looks unnatural to the algorithms.
  • Affordable prices: Most reputable services charge fair prices that are in the same ballpark. Avoid ones that charge way too much, and avoid websites with very low prices, because cheap TikTok followers are usually fake followers.
  • Fast delivery: The more quickly your followers arrive, the faster your growth will start.
  • Strong user experience: That means fast ordering, complete security for transactions (secure servers, full encryption, and never asking for your account password, only your TikTok username), and availability of a customer service team around the clock.
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction: The best way to judge this is from expert recommendations or your own experience. Don’t rely solely on customer reviews, which may be as fake as the followers that scammers deliver.

Choose your provider carefully. The best sites, like all the ones we’ve suggested, will deliver rapid and powerful organic growth.

In Conclusion

Not everyone needs to worry about their follower base; you can watch entertaining videos on TikTok for hours a day without having more than a few fans. But anyone wanting to utilize their TikTok presence to build an audience, earn money from their account, or power their business growth, needs to find a trustworthy and expert service provider and buy real TikTok followers.

That will generate the growth they need to become popular, influential, and important on the app — and perhaps, become famous and rich in the process.

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