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In Better Words
Marketing and communications consultancy, working with business owners, executives, and nonprofit professionals to ensure effective communication with stakeholders, internal and external.

Shelter Air
Advanced HVAC solutions, promoting healthier indoor spaces and environmental sustainability. Committed to diversity and community empowerment. They strive to set new standards in comfort and energy efficiency.  

Delivers an authentic Vietnamese coffee experience to those who are far from home and to introduce this rich tradition to coffee lovers around the world. Cafely embodies the spirit of resilience, hard work, and the pursuit of a better life.

Connie McCombe Coaching
Certified Life Coach and Self Leadership Coach.  

Oh! Designs Interiors, Inc.
Goes beyond decoration to create spaces that reflect who you are. Creates interiors that not only look stunning, but also evoke emotion and inspire a sense of belonging.  

Sweet Kee’s, LLC 
Seeks to elevate everyday moments through handcrafted, artisanal confections and consumables. High-quality, sweet treats express their ever-evolving foodie passion.  

Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, Inc.
Focuses on improving their customers’ health and comfort while reducing usage of fossil fuels and their customers’ carbon footprint by installing “Air Source Heat Pump.” They try to find the most holistic approach to see how they can make their customers’ home run as a system.

CJ’s Drains
Whether residential or commercial, single family or large condominium complex we can assist you with all your drainage needs. We can camera your pipes, access their condition, and make needed repairs to ensure they are flowing correctly.  

The Grit Ninja 
We believe having grit is one of the key characteristics to achieving your goals and there’s no better way to build it than by facing down the fun physical obstacles on the ninja course.  Ninja is a constantly evolving sport that always presents new challenges.   

Marks DiPalermo Wilson
Provides strategic legal and business solutions on corporate, real estate, and litigation matters with expertise in resolving municipal & regulatory and intellectual property issues.  


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