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There are many businesses in the River Towns that have been part of the fabric of our community for many years and that we see contributing to make a difference every day. But what we don’t often see is a new business that makes an effort to contribute from day one.

One such business that has done just that – and has already contributed for many months before they even open their doors later this year – is The Chelsea at Greenburgh senior living community. Part of an organization that has been taking care of seniors for 30 years, Chelsea properties strive to be assets to their community.

“One of the big differences within the Chelsea organization is to get out there and immerse yourself in the communities, support local businesses, reach out to first responders and do whatever we can to support the community,” said Executive Director Diane Mandracchia. With that ethos, it seems like not a single day goes by when Diane and her team – including Michele Ranieri, Director of Community Relations, Ansara Seecharan, Director of Health Services, Suzanne Stephans, Community Outreach Coordinator – can be found participating in local causes or developing their own events to bring much needed services and enjoyment to area residents.

In addition to community outreach, Chelsea communities are developed to fit the area they are in. “The Chelsea wants each property to have their own personality and provide the services that are needed for that area,” noted Mandracchia. “There are a lot of assisted living communities in this area and we formed our services based on the needs that weren’t being met.” Another factor that makes The Chelsea so unique, is that it was built from the ground up. “We were with a family recently and they said, ‘I can’t believe how wide the hallways are and how easy it is to navigate.’ It’s really hard to do that when you retrofit an existing building. The windows are really big providing natural light. The design and layout lends itself to allowing residents to get around very independently.”

When it opens this spring, The Chelsea will have 101 apartments – 75 for assisted living and 26 for memory care. Among those apartments will be 10% that will be offered at a reduced rent to allow people who might not otherwise be able to afford assisted living but who don’t qualify for Medicaid to apply. They are also offering discounted rates to first responders and Greenburgh residents who are ready to move in when the Chelsea opens. And as a community with an enhanced license, The Chelsea will provide services for residents who may not be able to walk on their own, need transfer assistance or, thanks to their 24-hour nursing care, residents with more complex medical needs.

Built on the property that was the long-time home of Frank’s Nursery, it’s no wonder The Chelsea already feels like part of the community. “People have lots of memories of the nursery,” noted Mandracchia. “This is a place where they got their holiday decorations, or took their kids for their craft supplies. Bringing new life to a place people loved is important to us.”

To learn more about The Chelsea at Greenburgh, contact Suzanne Stephans at 914-275-0010 or

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