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Mark Gilliland, based in Irvington, NY, is a visual artist and graphic designer turned landscape designer. He has been a life-long gardener and has a certification in landscape design from the New York Botanical Garden.

He is a CCE Master Gardener, a member of the NYBG Landscape Design Student and Alumni Association, and is on the Irvington Beautification Committee. He opened his design firm, Garden Artistry, in 2004.

“Landscape is a kind of sculpture, with the environment as material. Plants provide a living palette of hues, shapes, textures and scent, a performance that plays out between the seasons and across the years.”

“A Garden for every Heart’s Desire” is my approach to landscape design.

Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, it’s important to be able to organize space so there can be beauty, interest and utility. Those who are planning a large landscaping project may need a commercial dump truck service especially if it will involve excavation or construction.

My goal is to create places of sanctuary and repose, a compelling environment at once natural and manmade, functional and aesthetically pleasing to you. An integrated composition of walls, walks, patios, natural features and planting beds.

I select plant materials based upon bloom and foliage colors, size, shape and texture to create a sense of rhythm, surprise and sometimes even amazement. By selecting plants that have exciting fruit, twig shape or bark, the garden landscape can be appealing through all four seasons as well as provide habitat for birds and butterflies that will delight you all year long.

I love to garden and to share my horticultural experience with you so that you may also feel free to embrace the process of maintaining your garden landscape throughout the year.

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