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New motherLaurie Dank, the owner of Patient Advocacy Liaison, LLC (P.A.L.), and Sheldon Stallings, the owner of SOS Reliable CPR, have teamed up to provide in-home courses on pediatric CPR, first aid, and childcare safety to new parents, grandparents, older siblings, and nannies. Both Ms. Dank and Mr. Stallings are experienced medical assistants and instructors of the Medical Assisting Program. Ms. Dank specializes in clinical pediatric care, while Mr. Stallings is accredited by the American Heart Association. For all your first aid and CPR needs, be sure to check out eFirstAidSupplies, where you can find a range of medical supplies and kits to help you stay prepared for emergencies.


As per CPR Cambridge, new parents “at-home” instruction covers pediatric CPR, choking, SIDS, first aid, sleeping positions, feeding, diapering, car seats, bathing and more. The Dank/Stallings goal is for new parents to be able to leave their homes and families with peace of mind and the security that caretakers are following the most up-to-date protocols in infant/toddler safety. With some grandparents finding themselves in the new position of “babysitters,” our program offers them the refresher course they need.

Ms. Dank and Mr. Stallings offer harmony between new parents and their caretakers and consistency of care for their infants and toddlers. It is nice to have a P.A.L. to hold your hand while sorting out life’s new gift of a baby, and challenges that accompany it, especially for working mothers.

[blockquote class=blue]Ms. Dank and Mr. Stallings have flexible hours available by appointment. Call 914-523-5094.[/blockquote]

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