5 Best Sites to Buy Google Reviews – (5-Stars & Sticky)

Recent Birdeye research disclosed that 92% of customer who search for products and services make their choice with at least two honest reviews. Getting more reviews on Google fast can be difficult. But still important for brand reputation, even more if you just started. So, what’s the alternative? You can buy Google reviews.

Today, I will guide you about sites that can help you to get paid positive Google reviews to increase your brand awareness and sales faster than you could imagine.

Below is the list of best sites to buy sticky Google reviews if you plan to buy one without going on the way to earn it organically.

Here you go:

1.   Followerzoid

Overall Score: 9.5/10

The first on the list is Followerzoid, one of the best sellers that provides 5-star reviews from real individuals to boost your online reputation.

Their rating is 9.5, and VeronaPress and River Falls Journal have recognized them as the best service providers to buy Google reviews from genuine individual accounts. So, if you want to buy 5-star Google reviews, Followerzoid is the one-stop shop for your business presence. There is no risk in their services as they only provide genuine feedback that can help you grow your business organically and with more advantages than ever before.

The delivery starts within 10 minutes after you place order on their website. Their expert developers have designed the most convenient platform to navigate and purchase their products.

2.   ItsMediaWorld

Overall score: 9/10

The next site that offers the targeted options to buy Google reviews is ItsMediaWorld. Their service rating is 9.0, with more than 50,000 active customers annually.

They are very good at posting a mixture of Google ratings and reviews, and only those that include some genuine information about the business can help your business go viral organically. One thing you must remember if you’re dealing with ItsMediaWorld is that they don’t offer a free trial like other review providers. The reason is that the nature of this business is no one can guarantee what’s coming, so for that reason, they don’t offer any free trial.

3.   SocialFollowers

Overall score: 9/10

SocialFollowers is normally considered one of the safest sites to buy positive Google reviews and Godsend for organic online business visibility. They provide review services only in top-tier countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

They ensure that only those reviews are real people, and the reviews must look genuine rather than fake. Their overall service rating is 9.0 based on their work quality, but I think they deserve 10/10 because they are so genuine and professional in their dealings.  That’s why they have more than 5,000 customers monthly for this service.

They help you post Google reviews for your business and provide the best organic traffic to the Google My Business My Business (GMB) listing, which can help you get quality organic traffic.

Their price range is between $25 and $150, and reviews range typically from 1 to 30. You should buy a mixture of 4 and 5 stars because it will show that the reviews are all genuine and organic.

Don’t look for the price; you will get much more than what you’re paying. So, the price is overlooked, but it is not.

4.   BuyFollowersMalaysia

There is a reason why BuyFollowersMalaysia is nailing with their work for Google reviews selling and is the best service provider. They are safe and very professional in their dealing. Also, they offer a free trial with any of the services, which means you will get 1-2 free reviews based on which package you choose.

BuyFollowersMalaysia doesn’t provide all reviews in a single day because they know Google will hate them if they do such a thing. They only offer Google reviews over several days, so they do not look suspicious and genuine.  You must jump into them if you’re looking for the best kind of Google reviews to help you generate leads, sales, and traffic.

The only flaw they have is their support, which is not 24/7. They only provide chat support with a bot or email support with a real person, which can take up to 12 hours to be answered properly. That’s why they have a rating of 9.0 out of 10.

5.   Growthoid

Growthoid is the last but not least to purchase Google Maps reviews. They also offer other services and Google reviews and are genuine when dealing with customers. They offer Google reviews for sale, Google My Business organic ranking, and online visibility services in a package that you can’t ignore.

Their service tier is between 3 and 7 days, which means all your reviews will look natural. You will love to see the graph going upward in terms of ranking because they only provide organic reviews that look natural to Google.

Jeff Bullas has also recommended Growthoid as one of the top service providers for buying Google rating with comments. This means other bloggers and business owners in the same category recommend Growthoid, which is a good sign for you to buy genuine reviews for Google. They have fast replies over chat and 24/7 support that can help you go viral in no time due to their nature of services and helping hand in your business.  Growthoid only focuses on real-people reviews and never posts fake, robot, or inactive reviews that look spam to Google.

As we have enough knowledge about the sellers and service providers for the GMB reviews. Now, let’s talk about the need to buy positive Google reviews and see the importance of this thing in our businesses.

Why do we need to buy Google Reviews?

As described earlier, a Google reviews service plays an essential role in an online business’s scalability. For that reason, we will see the key benefits of buying good Google reviews, where we can play safe and rank well in the search engines.

Brand Trusts

Would you dare purchase from a brand with few or no reviews or testimonials? Absolutely not! In the same way, we need good Google reviews to showcase the seriousness of our business and brand trust so we can work professionally in the market. A good review/testimonial will always be good for your business and a sign of brand trustworthiness. That’s why we have to go there and get this thing done for the sake of our brand reputation.

Improved search visibility

As much as you gain your business’s Google reviews and positive vibes, Google will eventually fall in love with your brand and reward you big. Google will provide you more flexibility when playing around your business.

Also, Google will provide you with more search visibility, better ranking, more marketing free-hands, and much more. That’s why it is very important to keep optimizing your brand on your Google My Business (GMB) profile, as it will give your business a bigger push towards search visibility and ranking.

Organic reviews booster

Google reviews that look real help you get more organic traffic and better visibility without spending money on your business. Search engines like Google decide that any company getting more positive comments from its customers will eventually be ranked at the top of its positions.

Paid real Google reviews are the only thing that can help you go there and experience a world-class ranking and business venture in 2024.

But make sure that it looks natural; otherwise, you will see more issues than ever before. You should post 1-3 positive reviews in a week, and this way, you will see more organic traffic and reviews on your listing. Then, you can leave to buy the paid reviews and only focus on the organic thing later.

A bundle of positive reviews opens the doors to the following features of your business development:

  • Google Guarantee – A badge that shows Google that your business is satisfactory for your customers.
  • Approval for Local Service Ads (LSA) – Get more chances for lead generation through advertisement.
  • Google Screened – Earn a badge that proves your business is trustworthy and professional, and you’re fully eligible to run Local Service Ads.

How to choose the best service providers to pay for Google reviews?

Every business owner is worried about choosing the best service provider offering top-notch Google reviews that look natural. And for that reason, I have compiled few common but effective ways to choose the best service provider. Let’s consider the terms when selecting a Google reviews services provider.

Customer Testimonials

Whenever you go with a Google reviews provider who claims to be the best service provider, remember to check their past or most recent work as customer testimonials.

Without customer testimonials or valid proof of the service, you must stay away from those service providers, as they are not genuine and professional in their dealings or work.

Customer Support

Everybody wants fast and accurate customer support to deal with their issues. And if you find a team or company that is not into this and doesn’t operate customer support, it is not worth spending your money on.

Always choose service providers who are good at customer support and genuine in their dealings because these two things will eventually help your business run longer.


Who is here who doesn’t love privacy? I guess no one. Choosing a team that provides Google reviews and is not good at keeping your secret about buying Google reviews from them is not worth it.

Always choose your privacy over everything in such businesses or dealings, as this is one of the best things you can do with your company. That’s why I mentioned this point here so that you can get what you deserve in online business, especially when you are into local business and managing your business via the GMB app.

Money Back Guarantee

I love a money-back guarantee or refund if my work needs to be completed or delivered correctly. This must be your next priority after privacy so that you don’t lose money on the garbage services you get from the service provider.

Adding this point to your notebook on “How to choose a good Google reviews provider” can solve many of your business problems in less time, and you can be happy again once your business skyrockets in organic search results on Google.

Does Google allow to buy reviews?

No, Google is against buying and selling Google reviews. They have a policy of not doing this because it is an unnatural way to rank in search results. You must not buy or sell Google reviews publicly or announce this to everyone, as you will lose a lot of business opportunities if you get caught on Google’s radar.

If you are more into purchasing Google reviews at any cost, always choose a service provider and deal privately. Otherwise, always choose organic and real ways to get traffic, sales, and leads through your Google My Business (GMB) app.

Also, organic traffic is the best way to deal with online businesses as it is premium, long-lasting, and provides a better business venture than other ranking factors.

I’ve made a short and to-the-point list of the advantages and disadvantages of buying Google reviews online. Let’s examine it before we summarize this guide.


  1. Positive visibility
  2. Organic traffic/sales
  3. Professional Look


  1. Impact your ranking
  2. The FTC Issue (The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act was created as a way to protect consumers and punish those who want to buy Google reviews, or fake reviews of any kind. If you get caught using fake or purchased reviews, you’ll have to face the consequences from the FTC.)
  3. GMB suspension/penalty

What are some ways to earn Google Reviews without buying them?

  • Exchange reviews: The newest form of doing such business is exchanging reviews rather than buying Google reviews. You can do it instead of buying Google reviews, as this is against Google’s policy, and your listing can be penalized without any prior notice or warning.
  • Outreach your customers/friends: Getting Google reviews from your old customers is the best way to get reviews online, and this method looks genuine. You can also get reviews from your friends and family, as it will help you gain more reviews. All those reviews will be forever, and you will face no difficulty at all.
  • Freebies: Offering a trial or freebie to your visitors can also get you reviews on your Google listing, and everybody will love it. I tried this method and got more than 100 reviews in just one month without doing any hustle at all. But remember that you should not spend more than you can bear because some customers won’t give you reviews after they enjoy your freebies.


I hope you may have full knowledge about the best sellers to purchase Google reviews, and now you can select or judge any service providers based on the points I mentioned earlier.

Buying Google review is not unethical, but in today’s world, everyone is doing some spam work to get one. For that reason, Google is constantly delisting some business profiles based on fake reviews or profiles with less online visibility but more reviews. Always balance your Google posting and reviews because Google Ai is so sharp that it can guess your fake and real work in less time.

If you have any questions or issues with today’s guide, let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Cheers!

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